Bloomberg Called President Obama the Most “Arrogant” Man He Ever Met


obama-bloombergYou may recall that during President Obama’s vacation at Martha’s Vineyard on August 27 he took in a round of golf at the Vineyard Golf Club in Edgartown, playing golf with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg; Democratic lawyer, business man and √©minence grise Vernon Jordan; and White House trip director (and former golf pro) Marvin Nicholson.The pool report at the time said that “We are told Bloomberg and Obama talked in the clubhouse for about 15 mins about the economy. They then went to the driving range.”

Apparently – at least from a second-hand report – the Obama-Bloomberg convo could have gone better.

In an interview with The Australian Financial Review, conservative media magnate Rupert Murdoch says ”Bloomberg said it was a pleasant day. In conversation he put a few ideas … He said it was like verbal ping pong.”

Bloomberg, according to Murdoch, “came back and said ‘I never met in my life such an arrogant man’.”

A spokesman for Bloomberg did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Murdoch – the Australian-born founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of News Corporation, which owns conservative media outlets ranging from Fox News Channel to the New York Post – is described by The Age as saying in the interview that President Obama “might make great speeches but doesn’t get things done and doesn’t listen to anybody.”

Earlier this year, News Corporation gave $1 million to the Republican Governors Association as well as $1 million to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which largely worked to elect Republicans in the 2010 midterm elections.

The interview was first picked up in the U.S. by The Politico’s Ben Smith.

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  1. AGAIN A TRITE ARTICLE about obama in order so the republican party writers for matsav can find another way to keep casting aspersions on the president. Also the article is a quote from a person who said it to another in coNfidence, and then the person it was allegedly said to- a person who happens to be one of the most vile people on earth- breaks with etiquette – if it happened at all- and leaked a bloombergs reaction to Obamas self confidence to arrogance. OK, WELL THE books that interview hundreds of people ….like Game Change, a best seller by two pullitzer prize winning authors who interviewed 200 people for the book– all say Obama never shows his intellectual superiority despite the fact that he is.

    And a nice statistic- when reporters 5 years ago would invariably write who were considered the congress people with the highest intellects- the results at the top were obama and george Mitchell

  2. This is a hit piece by the Australian Financial Review. Matsav, Rupert Murdoch, President Obama and Michael Bloomberg all have a role to play in the divinely mandated mission of World Peace 2050. Tabloid journalists are apt to turn private discussions into public gossip.

  3. “Kol haposel b¬ímumo posel” (not a precise quotation but close enough) or, as we used to say in the (public) school playgrounds of Brooklyn, “It takes one to know one.”


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