Bloomberg: City Doing Fine If You Ignore Unplowed Streets


snow7NYC Mayor “Deal With It” Bloomberg reacted to Blizzageddon 2010, which left many wondering just what city he thinks he’s living in. He told reporters:

“The world has not come to an end. The city is going fine, Broadway shows were full last night. There are lots of tourists here enjoying themselves. Two people told me they went to the theater last night and afterwards tried to get into a restaurant and there was a waiting list. I think the message is, ‘The city goes on.'”

He added to the Daily News, “Many people are taking the day off. Most stores are open. There’s no reason for anybody to panic.”

Except with mass transit down and many neighborhoods remaining unplowed, there kind of is. One tipster wrote from Avenue N and East 14th Street in Brooklyn: “What’s happening to the local streets? Our street hasnt had a plow at all. We are 87 years old and can’t get our car out for any emergency. How soon will they plow locally?”

Well, Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty said they’d get to it when they get to it. “Some [streets] will be cleaned today, some tonight, some unfortunately not until tomorrow,” he said. “When we clear your block, don’t get out and start shoveling snow back out there.”

But City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., who spent all morning shoveling snow in Astoria, said that’s not soon enough. He said, “In that entire time, I haven’t seen a single plow – except the one that crashed into a car and has been stuck, since before 6 a.m., at 21st Street and 21st Drive. In past snow storms, other plows would have come through by now.” They were probably just blocked by all the stuck buses.



  1. Broadway shows. Tourists. Restaurants. Face it: to Bahamas Bloomberg, New York = Manhattan. The “outer boros” are just subservient colonies to help maintain NEW YORK CITY. Yes indeed “the city goes on.” In his world-view of what “the city” is. So to you peons: stop complaining and pay your taxes.

  2. When Bloomberg broke the law & spit in New Yorkers faces by ignoring the term limits, the voter should of taken notice! But instead, you ignorant dummies went ahead & voted for this incompetant bafoon anyway like blind bats! You reap what you sow!

  3. Is he nuts? I think they should drive him in to 49th Street in Brooklyn, and leave him there. The peopler who went to see the movies are staying in hotels and probably cant go any were else.


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