Bloomberg Criticizes Congressman King For Terrorism Hearings


bloombergMayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday spoke out against Long Island Congressman Peter King’s plan to hold a hearing in Washington about homegrown Islamic terrorism.

The two are often political allies, but not on this issue.

“Pete King’s been very helpful in getting homeland security monies for New York City. I respect him. I don’t happen to agree with him on this. And we’ve had this agreement to disagree for a long time,” said the mayor.

The mayor’s comments come one day after several hundred people gathered in Times Square to protest the hearings — charging Muslims are being unfairly targeted.

The hearing is set to begin on Thursday.

King has not disclosed any specific details about it or how long it will last.

{NY1 News/ Newscenter}


  1. The hearings are sick. Typical behavior from a nobody who wants to create a name for himself. Thats how we all know the name Joe MCarthy a junior senator from Wisconson of all places.

  2. at least he’s consistant with his other Jihad leaning policy of supporting the mosqe…

    He’s anything but a leader…

  3. Bloomberg is a hard left Liberal Jew, who like George Soros & Madeline Albright, hae the fact that they were born Jewish!


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