Bloomberg Era Comes To A Close In New York

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bloomberg1Brash billionaire Michael Bloomberg today concludes 12 years as New York’s mayor, an era marked by major changes in America’s biggest city but also criticism of the growing gap between rich and poor.

His Democratic successor Bill de Blasio, who defeated a Republican rival in a landslide in November, has pledged to narrow that divide.

Bloomberg gave his final weekly radio address on Sunday — number 601 — thanking New Yorkers for their support of “a relative unknown, an entrepreneur with no government experience who asked for your trust.”


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  1. We will miss him!
    I hope De Blasio will try to follow in the footsteps of the one before him, maybe his shoes are the wrong size!
    We gota pray!

  2. #1, I agree but only intil his third term. He was way too nasty and out of touch during his third term. Too much nannying us around, eg. The last minute restriction made on e-cigs! Ridiculous!

  3. As far as running the City, Bloomberg was pretty good. I did not agree with his forcing his health ideas on all the citizens, taking away their freedoms. DeBlasio, I’m afraid, will return the City to tremendous debt & crime.

  4. #3 who cares? He was the best thing to happen in a shrinking economy. He knew how to run the city and didn’t give a hoot as to who he needed to please like a real businessman. DeBlasio has a lot of favors to return and will set his policies based on that, not what’s right


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