Bloomberg for Prez?


bloomberg1Mayor Bloomberg is headed to primary battleground New Hampshire Friday, fueling speculation he’s planning a 2012 presidential run. The mayor will be the first speaker in a presidential lecture series at Dartmouth College, alma mater of gal pal Diana Taylor.The speech comes as the third-term mayor has been raising his political profile, including making a trip to Milwaukee today to endorse Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett in his bid for governor of Wisconsin.

“I think it’s in his interest as a lame duck mayor to be appearing to run for higher office. It helps his political currency,” said Columbia University’s Steven Cohen.

But voters shouldn’t read too much into his visit to the Granite State, home to the nation’s first presidential primary in 2012. “I am not running for President,” he insisted recently.

{NY Daily News/Noam Newscenter}


  1. Bloomberg will flame out quickly, like Guliani. West of the Hudson, no one cares about New York City Mayor’s. He is not Liberal enough for the Demoncats & the Republicans are not going to elect a pro choice pro toaiva candidate. Independence don’t become Presidents. So there you have it.

  2. I know Bloomberg is a shrewd businessman. But if someone who was merely a Senator is doing such a poor job, I wonder how bad a job someone who was only a Mayor would do.


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