Bloomberg Is First to Receive a $1 Million Genesis Prize

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bloombergJust make sure they don’t have large sodas at the award presentation.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be honored today as the first recipient of a $1 million award that organizers are calling the “Jewish Nobel Prize.”

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu will present the award, named the Genesis Prize, to Bloomberg at a ceremony in Yerushalayim in May. The award, established by a charity founded by Russian Jewish billionaires, aims to honor “exceptional people whose values and achievements will inspire the next generations of Jews.”

The announcement of the inaugural award will be made at a news conference in New York today. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. I nominate an special, exceptional person whose values and achievements really really inspire the next generation..HaRav Chiam Kanievsky…HaRav Shteinman…unfortunately the commitee really isn’t looking for the truth…

  2. I hope this was just a purim joke.That the man who has caused so much pain to klal yisroel by his attack against Bris Nilah should win an award is absurd.His derogatory remarks about “Black Hatters ” and his own personal life does not make him an exceptional person just the opposite
    Uh poretz geder yeshchenu nachash

  3. They should give the award to the Yeshivo’s who are teaching the future of Kllal Yisroel, right from wrong. What does Bl$$mberg need the money for? He is already a billionaire.


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