Bloomberg Urges Court To Throw Out Lawsuit By Former Campaign Staffers

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Michael Bloomberg is asking the court to throw out a lawsuit filed by former campaign staffers who allege they were promised to be paid through November before Bloomberg dropped out of the Democratic presidential primary.

Attorneys for for the former New York City mayor wrote in a Monday motion that the aides who filed the suit do not meet any of the requirements to bring such claims and said the aides fail to meet the heightened standard for fraud, Politico reported.

Bloomberg’s lawyers wrote in the motion that the former staffers who brought the lawsuit signed offer letters and were provided employee handbooks that stated that they were “at will” workers and could be terminated “at any time,” according to Politico.

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  1. It should be thrown out. As much as I hate Bl$$mberg, this is a frivolous lawsuit by a couple of greedy gold-diggers. You put your eggs in the Bl$$mberg basket when he decided to run. You clearly knew how the system works. Collect your unemployment and go get a life.

    • I hate Bloomberg but want to be fair.

      If it is true that the staffers were told they will keep their jobs even if Bloomberg drops out then they are right. Employment at will would justify firing individual non competent or not needed employees.

      Not a mass firing of everyone

  2. I would love to be on a jury separating Bloomy from his money. All he does with his money is to acquire more fascist political power, making regular people more miserable in the process. Bloomy is a venomous snake, and his money is his venom.

  3. President Trump only nicknamed doubles or clones replacing the originals who are not around anymore (arrested or executed). Mini Mike is one of them.

  4. Seems like a shaalo of Cheftza and Gavra.

    The Gavra can be fired because it was employment at will.

    The cheftza of the job still has to be around because they were promised it would be.

    Big Nafka Minah.

    (1)The Gavra being able fired by employment at will is mashma he will only be fired if he messes up.

    (2)The Cheftza of the job ending if the campaign doesn’t work out is saying that matter what you do the job is very insecure M’Tzad Atmoy

    LAN”D the people only signed up taking the risk of (1) but not of (2) so Bloomberg has no Tainia

    Posheter Rayah: If that wasn’t the understanding when they were hired why was the promise of the job being until November made to begin with?


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