BLOW TO THE RABBINATE: Tzohar Breaks Into Hotel Industry

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In a blow to the Chief Rabbinate, Israel’s Tzohar organization which aims to provide alternative hechsherim to restaurants across Israel, is in the advanced stages of a deal to work with the official hotels’ association in a major city in Israel.

The organization stepped up efforts to enter the hotel business in Israel and overseas over the past few months. It provided a hechsher in Egypt over Chanukah and plans to offer certification to hotels in Europe and Africa over Pesach.

{ Israel}


  1. Disaster? I would hope that frum people know better and do not use these establishments. I am afraid that many will be mislead though. It’s like Open Non-Orthodoxy giving hashgochos. Terrible news.

  2. Please explain. What is Tzohar? What is wrong with them? Why don’t hotels need too be under the supervision of the chief Rabbinate?


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