Blue Claws Stadium To Host A Toava “Pride” Night

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For the first time in team history, the BlueClaws, a Class A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies located in Lakewood, NJ,, will host an LGBTQ Pride Night, APP reports.

The first 1,500 fans in attendance will receive a BlueClaws Pride Night Hat, a cap displaying the BlueClaw logo adorned in rainbow stripes. A fireworks show will also follow the game.

The BlueClaws plan to have some kind of pregame ceremony to mark the event, but specifics haven’t been ironed out yet. The message: all are welcome at a BlueClaws game, including those from the LGBTQ community.

“We’re making sure as an organization in our industry that we are communicating as clearly as we can that we’re for everybody,” a statement said.

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  1. Reagan had a beard didn’t he? Wonder why we have such a mess? Its the men who have never had anything but the more horrible creed in America. I guess when you love that look of shaved men in the news we never even see what men are. 100 years since Wilson and we get this. 40 years my life since Nixon too. What a shame. We did it to ourselves.

    • Hey Culture Deterioration, what does beard have to do with anything? There are plenty of toevaniks with beards. Even famously perverted ancient Greeks had full beards. You are confused. On an unrelated note, last American President with a beard was Benjamin Harrison from 1889 to 1893.

      • Its my belief that a beard associates fear of Hashem with humor and compassion. There is no religion without the beard.

        My best thoughts after education note the many who shave in public schools. Include your father and family and no wonder the epidemic of hard outcome school terror. The hardened shaved grow no beard culture hardens the feelings of the socially immature.

        We know the Ancient Greeks with Alexander the first were the ones first mass noted to shave. The Temples were destroyed most likely by shaved men. Near all nazis shaved.

        Its real sociocultural mega sure change. The young are hardened for a coarse emotional stage. Babies form more feelings if they are held close to a soft beard.

        This IS a problem. We have not seen facial hair since Taft and all except Mckinley had facial hair since Lincoln.

        To make America great again, it takes an act of Hashem. Believe it or not its a dream we are starting to have under Mr. Trump. There is evidence. Watch television. Men are now noted on tv commercials with beards. I saw three in a row last night.

        Sometimes you see more in the news day. The networks, professional societies and the factories are resistant. The grade is indeed a harsh fate for a super great.

        Watch it change.

        Interesting how Hashem is making this era. Do not dare go to shul without a beard. Hashem will not let you stand free. The mind is his.

        We learn. Reasons for Torah. Real world health.


  2. As long as we don’t embarrass ourselves by endorsing the event with our presence or the ubiquitous kosher food that ppl in town like to serve at town events

  3. I really do not know the history of the matter at the depth, but I suspect much the future the last 100 years that has lead to so much toeiva and hard world liberalism has been from the women’s suffrage movement. In any sense, i would ever want to hear what the rabbonim of the day spoke and suggested. I surmise that the reform groups in their beginnings were keen to the sense of women voting. It has been 100 years and we are clear that this is what most men and women think they want. If you ever study the history, you will learn the most secure wholesome women of the day absolutely refused to think it was a process to wish to interrupt their home needs and their homes.

    In essence, it was a turmoil of harsh worth and harsh worry. We had yet fully been in World War 1 and the movement found its fulfillment in 1920. It is almost 100 years.

    Oddly, we can harden to know that the World War 1 atrocities are clearly upsetting to a growing culture. We abhor war. The women became flappers and tried a shirking of humane liberty. The worth was a wild time where the pain of the war and the hardships just seemed quick to go.

    Take us forward to the 1960s and free-sex and free drugs were everywhere. The 1990s had a horrible president who had a most heinous act in office. The world under his uneartly rule was so horrible that they introduced DADT which proved to be a primary source for hate in the military and a world change by which the GLBT grouping and wager grew.

    Immodesty will destroy you.

  4. Then they came to defile the inner city, and I did not speak out— because I was not from the inner city

    Then they came to defile the white collars, and I did not speak out—because I was not the white collars .

    Then they came for my suburban shtot—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  5. What, exactly, are the Alphabet folks proud of? Is it their mental disorder, which was removed from diagnostic criteria, due to enormous political pressure, or the fact that they won’t reproduce? Why isn’t there a schizophrenic pride parade, a Borderline pride walk, or paranoic pride night? Well, the last one I could understand. That’s because “someone” is watching….

  6. These are sick, very sick people. They used to put homos and other strange, queer people in mental facilities. Now they freely roam the streets and normal people get locked away. A tzimishte velt..

    • It’s “COULD anyone here”, and “speak and write IN proper English”. After that comes the question mark. Otherwise, I am in agreement.

  7. No Jewish merchants should advertise in connection with this team or its events. Since the Phillies are their parent team, the same goes for ads with the Phillies.

  8. Amd MATZAV is notifying us of thid TOEIVA for what reason? Are they planning a demonstration? Otherewis hat exactly is the point of spreading this garbage?

    • Perhaps there should be one!
      Just because we are in Galus it doesn’t mean that we cant stand for our values!
      Maybe if they would also post it on the Lakewood scoop more people in Lakewood would know!!

  9. SO on June 8th, lets see more learning and organized learning and packed shul’s and beis medrashim to counter act the immoral forces. Lets see Jewish boycotts as well .

    Alteh Bucher

  10. Dear sleepless 5:19am, ancient Greeks had full beards and were complete toeiva perverts – Alexander’s minhag of shaving came after many centuries of the already perverted ancient Greek history. Besides, do you know who is into beards these days? Such perverts as christian-orthodox priests, the islamonazis, and hipsters. So no, lack of beards is not in any way connected to toeiva.

    • There is no “into beards”. There is religious decree. Any man with a beard is to himself fierce. He should be. There is no decree the shaving daily.

      Still, I do not blame you. The Tanakh is not ingrained enough when your enemy is fierced than you.

      Build a jewish grade. Be wiser. They may just laugh voice damned. You turned away from precept.

      Israel builds. Every day growth. Do not shave it.



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