BMG Freezer Opens Today

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freezer-bmgAs many are aware, the “freezer” is opening today at Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ. Under the “freezer” rule, new bochurim during their first zeman in the Lakewood Yeshiva are not permittedto enter the parsha of shidduchim – i.e., they may not officially date – until Tu B’Shevat during the winter zeman or Shiva Asar B’Tammuz during the summer zeman.

[There is an exception, which is that if a bochur already started dating before the beginning of the zeman and his official entrance into BMG, he may continue to date that girl and that girl only.]

We wish all those in the parsha of shidduchim much bracha and hatzlacha. May you all find your respective ziviggum bekarov.

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  1. “We wish all those in the parsha of shidduchim much bracha and hatzlacha. May you all find your respective ziviggum bekarov.”


  2. i have a daughter in the parsha of shidduchim and have been in touch with the lakewood shadchanim. one of them told me that he red various girls to 45 bachurim coming out of the freezer and only 3 boys said yes. could someone explain to me whats with the present day bachur?

  3. #7: if preschool registration opens today, and the freezer also opens today, then one can start working on shidduchim this week. so when todays preschool bocher gets to BMG in 15 years, does he need to still go into the freezer? technicly he started dating in preschool… before he started the zman.

  4. To no. 12: you are not the problem and not knowing your daughter, she’s: not the problem:
    The problem is they are the problem:
    You and your family are probably nice people:
    the problem to them is: You are probably to frum, and probably don’t have enough to keep up with their SHVOILTOG, if you know what that means: I wish you all the best: not to worry, your daughter because of you and your mishpacah will have a simcha bekorov:

  5. #10, reason is simple. The bochurim should be able to be completely immersed in their learning. So, they begin without the distraction, pressures, hardships and excitements of dating. Once they’ve acclimated themselves to their new yeshiva and have had proper opportunity to adjust, succeed and advance in their learning, they are now (generally) properly prepared to take on the task of finding their wife.

  6. 13. Comment from Eli

    ‘#4, Matzav blocks comments and adds their own wording and distorts original comments to accomodate their hateful agenda, thats why’

    There are other sites for your agenda

  7. Aha! I see Matzav is the official cover up website for ANY critisim of the NASI program! Did they threaten you? Your immature covering up for the real truth of what’s going on, only hurts your cause!

  8. I really wonder sometimes how our parents, without parents of their own, freezers, iphones, Nasi, late model Lexuses (would that be Lexi?)and of course for the ladies, courses in OT, PT and MiscellaneousT, managed to raise Doros Yesharim & build Batei Neeman bederech Avoseihem Hakedoshim? Were they perhaps equipped with other tools that we are unaware of? I suppose being nebach a generation that is unaware & clueless about our parents’ methods we will have to settle for freezer & etc to marry off our offspring. H-shem Yeracheim! And I mean that literally.

  9. to #12, they have many people redting them shidduchim and they are going out with people being redt to them from someone else, not that particular shadchan.

  10. the freezer openning is not such a big deal like it used to be. the month before Tu Beshvat mother of boys would have lists out the door of girls whose parents were throwing money around offering full support +++ to get their daughters married off. now a boy is lucky if he gets such offers at all unless he a real real metzuyun. money is tight and the parents of boys are in panic mode that they will actually have to contribute towards support if they want to marry off their sons.

  11. I am from outside the Lakewood community, so I am not familiar with the freezer rule. Is it an official rule from the Yeshivah?

  12. Don’t worry – the shidduch crisis is going to end soon, but not because we found a solution. What’s going to happen is that almost nobody will be able to give support or fancy gifts, and the amount of the shver’s money will become far less of an issue. Whether the bochur will be able to support a family at a reasonable job will be the question.


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