Bobov-45 Closes on Old Munkatcher Yeshiva to House Cheder


The Bobov-45 kehillah today closed on a deal to purchase a building in Boro Park to house their older elementary school grades.

The deal, which cost close to $11 million, is for the former Munkatcher yeshiva building on the corner of 15th Ave. 41st Street. The kehillah estimates it will cost them an additional $10 million for renovations. The scheduled opening date is for the 2020-2021 school year.
The building will house the elementary until 9th grade. The younger grades will remain at their current location on 20th Ave and 59th Street.

The Bobov-45 kehillah signed the contract back in February and used the time since to raise the funds.

(Boro Park 24 News)





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