Bobov First Major Kehilla to Warn of New Covid Cases


Boro Park – Is a second wave coming? Bobov on Monday became the first major kehilla to issue a warning that new cases of coronaviruses are cropping up.

The gabbaim of the Boro Park kehilla said that people at risk should be careful not to be in places where social distancing is not possible. At risk is defined as anyone over 60, if they have underlying conditions, or don’t have antibodies.

Boro Park was hit heavily by the virus in March and April, with an estimated 380 people passing away. There have been few cases since then, and none that required hospitalization.

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  1. Only for those over 60? Interesting. So at least their maskim that young people don’t have to go into panic mode and wear a dumb mask 24/7 including when they go swimming. Maybe the sheeple are slowly starting to wake up.

  2. It says anyone without antibody should follow the law. Anyone old or at risk should follow the law. It clearly does NOT say that everyone else should follow the law. It clearly implies, rather, that anyone else should not wear masks or socially distance.


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