Bobover Rebbe Warns His Chassidim Of The Dangers Of Marijuana

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In a talk with Chassidim this week, the Bobover Rebbe, Rav Bentzion Halberstam, warned his chassidim against smoking marijuana.

Lo zu haderech,” the Rebbe reportedly told them. The Rebbe also spoke about other health related issues and recommended his chassidim get regular medical exams.

Though it is unclear what prompted the Rebbe’s warning, marijuana has become abundantly more available as many States began legalizing its recreational use this past year.





  1. Hgaon Reb Yakov Forcheimer shlita paskened that a healthy man should not subject himself to an annual check up as there is an issue with Tamim Thei additionally, there is a problem with chavalah if one draws blood unnecessarily.

    He paskened that a woman should go for an annual check up as their bodies undergo change.

    Of course, one should confer with their posek however it’s important to know what the issues are (Tomim Thei & Chavalah).

    • Wrong. Annual check up. More if needed. Always wrong.

      It pays to see the doctor. He is your friend. He is to your success. A dumb move. Yet blood unnecessary is a slight moan you lose. Its really nothing else. The jew moans his whole life. Keep yours abundant.

      In other words. Marijuana is a casual worthless mood. Do not try it.

  2. Reb Moshe unequivocally forbade smoking marijuana in a famous teshuva… it is far more than “lo zu haderech”. He says that doing something that will interfere and inhibit brain function for “taanug”, as well as make a person have unnecessary taavas achila, is assur. Lo sasuru is not limited to arayos and apikorsus; the mishnah berurah clearly paskens that according to the rishonim, an excess of materialism or indulging one’s taavos is assur, albeit in a relative, person-by-person standard…such things as marijuana are obviously beyond the pale.

    That’s not to mention the liberal movement’s ignoring of a scientifically proven detrimental effect on the brain in teenagers, as well as studies in adults which show that marijuana users are more than 3x as likely to develop schizophrenia and other mental health issues.

    Why is speculative science ok to shake up the entire world with climate change fears, but not sufficient to maintain the status quo of banning recreational marijuana?

    Can you say… Political bias?

  3. I forgot to mention; i did not mean, chas veshalom, to be pogaya in the kovod of the bobover rebbe shlita; i should have first said that either this statement is taken out of the context of a larger, stronger speech, or it is possible that he is not familiar with marijuana

  4. Hey there Mr. Psak, I’m sure the Bobover Rov appreciates your information, especially the Temimus part coming from the Tam of the Mah Nishtaana.
    Rav Forsheimer, K’vodo Bimkomo Omeid, paskened that for his kehilla and the Bobover Rov paskened this way for his kehilla!

  5. The individual who posted under the name “psak” wrote:

    “Of course, one should confer with their posek however it’s important to know what the issues are (Tomim Thei & Chavalah).”

    Why the negativity?

    Also, Hgaon Reb Reuvan Feinstein shlita paskened that even in instances where one can draw blood, it must be performed by an experienced professional to avoid the isur chavalah.

    It behooves one to be cognizant of the potential isurrim so that they can properly pose the question to THEIR posek.

  6. To say that his words were taken out of context, is a VAST understatement. As part of a drasha of almost an hour, in the context of how far this dor has fallen in just the past 10 years, he was shocked when told that the new political agenda was to legalize marijuana. He was even more shaken to his core when told by an askan that he would need to talk to his chasidim about this issue. To that he said “loi thiyeh”, meaning chas v’shulim that he should need to talk to chasidishe yidden about such lowlife issues….

  7. LOL. Funny post. Love how you decided a Posek is wrong. Im sure you also have spent 70 years toiled in Torah and have learned through Shas and Poskim and all else that you feel you are entitled to say “wrong”. What a joke.

    Here’s how it works buddy. Torah is a Mesorah. You are not entitled to any opinion on anything in life simply because you were born. If a brain surgeon tells you to do something you don’t say “wrong”. If a cardiologist tells you not to do something you don’t say wrong and if a Posek tells you something you don’t say “wrong” either. Not until you are a brain surgeon, a cardiologist or a Posek are you entitled to tell anyone who is right and wrong. You are entitled to your opinion but remember that the rest of us really could care less what you say.

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