Bochur Hit by Vehicle in Lakewood

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lakewood-night-accidentA mesivta-age yeshiva bochur was injured last night in Lakewood, NJ. The bochur, we are told, had dismounted the school bus he had been riding on and was crossing the street when he was hit by a vehicle, whose driver, it appears, ignored the flashing lights of the bus. The driver proceeded down Pine Street without stopping.

The bochur was taken by Lakewood Hatzolah to Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, NJ.

Tehillim should be said for habochur Mayer ben Yehudis.

{Dov Newscenter}


  1. The time is NOW!!! for all of us to do TESHUVA.
    We are in Chodesh ELUL what are we waiting for, lets improve each to their own in some Mitzvah.

  2. was he wearing a reflector at night?

    will people start to take it serious when it says v’nishmartem… & so many accidents have already happened cause the person wasn’t wearing a reflector at night?

  3. #1 i agree with you and the first step for that is to daven and feel this boys pain and his families…. besides that we shouldnt just use this as way too preach our musar

  4. every bad thing taht happens in klal yisroel is not only a simen not only for that person but for the whole klal yisroel “kol yisroel areivim zeh l’zeh”

  5. The driver who ignored the flashing lights, should be horse whipped & beaten to a pulp! He should be put in the public square on Clifton Avenue & every citizen should come & spit in his ugly face

  6. BDE
    Please explain. He got off the bus, so I assume on the right-hand side of the road at the curb, and then crossed without visibility and was hit by a car passing the bus? Or a car driving in the opposite direction?
    Either way it is prudent to allow the bus to leave before we cross, or if we are in a hurry, start walking on our side of the street while we wait for the bus to move away. In the USA a driver is supposed to stop when the flashing lights are on (not everyone does, as sadly shown by this tragedy), but the police or an ambulance would not wait.


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