Bochur in Japan Jail All Alone

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japan-bochurim1Yaakov Yosef Grunwald, one of the three boys incarcerated in Japan, is currently in a jail in Chiba, Japan. Following his recent trial, he sits all alone behind bars with practically no visitors allowed

Yaakov Yosef, being a masmid before the incident that led to his being placed in jail, still occupies his times by learning and writing Torah.

He is completely cut off from the world, however, and we are told that letters to him will help him feel connected and that Yidden care and are concerned about his welfare.

Update: We have been asked by askanim to remove the mailing information. Please simply continue davening and saying Tehillim for Yaakov Yosef.

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  1. Nebach, Hashem Yirachem Alehem. Write, write and write some more. The chizuk you write will benefit this bochur, and probably more importantly yourself.

  2. Thanks Matzav. Please publish the addresses of the other bochurim. I would also like to send them a letter of support. May Hashem bring them a yeshuah now.

  3. Just an idea
    if thousands of your readers would send letters of support
    the japanese govt. would see them in a diffrent light

    all schools should make this a ‘Pidyon Shvuim” project and it would be educational too
    L’zecher nishmas
    R’ Meyer Yitzchock Zelig BenHakodosh R’ Shmuel Yaakov

  4. L’zecher nishmas
    R’ Meyer Yitzchock Zelig BenHakodosh R’ Shmuel Yaakov

    who is this
    and what does he have to do with this issue, oh man

  5. Mr Charlie Brown #8
    In real life if if you do a mitzva in someones name the neshama has an ALIYA
    But Charlie Brown, being that you live in a fantasy world , you’ll never understand this concept of” Yahadus” until you end up there


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