Bochur Robbed at Gunpoint Behind Atrium Hall

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monsey-police A bochur was robbed last night while attending a wedding at The Atrium Hall in Monsey, NY, after he was attacked by a ski-mask-wearing man wielding a silver gun. The incident happened at about 9:30 p.m.

With insufficient parking in front of the hall, which is located in a shopping mall on Route 59, the bochur had parked his car behind the hall, in an area which is darker and is less frequented by people, has learned. That may have created the perfect opportunity for the perpetrator, who knocked the bochur to the ground, and, at gunpoint, demanding him to empty his pockets. Before the bochur could do so, the attacker, a thin black man, about 25 years old, himself emptied the bochur‘s pockets and took whatever money he had, along with his credit cards and cell phone.

The bochur, who was not injured but was shaken and frightened, ran into the hall for assistance. The Ramapo Police Department was immediately contacted.

According to one source, police found the bochur‘s car keys outside and, using a sniffing dog, were able to track down at least one suspect, believed to be the attacker.

 {Dovid Newscenter}


  1. very ‘shayich’ not…. there really is a decent sized parking lot behind the atrium. i park there all the time. (i dont smoke!)


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