Boehner: GOP Leaders Haven’t Met Obama for Health Talks Since April

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boehnerThe ball is in President Obama’s court to reach out to Republicans if he wants a bipartisan bill on healthcare reform, House GOP Leader John Boehner (Ohio) said Monday morning. Boehner told reporters that the president has not invited House GOP leaders to the White House for meetings on healthcare reform since the end of April.

Earlier this year, GOP leaders sent a letter to the president in May stating that they would like to wor with the administration to find “common ground” on healthcare reform.

But the administration responded with a tersely worded letter indicating that they had healthcare reform under control.

{The Hill/Noam Newscenter}


  1. It’s pretty obvious the Republicans don’t want health care reform. They get big dollars from the health care industry. Think Pfizer, which just got fined a billion (!!) dollars for pushing prescription medications illegally under the last administration, and racking up the profits in the process.

    Why should they care about what happens to the jobless or the lower middle class who are going bankrupt over medical expenses? Why did the economy implode last year? No one was watching Wall Street. Our health care system is imploding, and the Republicans don’t want anyone watcing it, either,just as long as they continue to get their cut.


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