Boeing To Set Aside $50M For Victims’ Families

Boeing. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by SeongJoon Cho.
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Boeing announced Wednesday that it will set aside $50 million for financial assistance for families affected by a pair of fatal Boeing 737 Max crashes.

The $50 million is an initial expenditure of a previously announced $100 million fund designated for family and community needs for those affected by the crashes, the company said in a statement.

“The tragic loss of life in both accidents continues to weigh heavily on all of us at Boeing, and we have the utmost sympathy for the loved ones of those on board,” Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg said in a statement. “We hope affected families receive needed assistance as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Is this an admission of guilt?? It looks like one. No one dishes out $100M if they don’t need to. They should be charged with murder. The fact these executives get to go in front of the mic and give these tearful apologies and then go back to their plush offices is the worlds biggest joke


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