BOGUS?: The Real Reasons Why NYPD Tow Trucks Are Scouring Boro Park

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By Yanky Meyer, Misaskim

Rabbi Berish Freilich

Yidel Perlstein, CB12

Mark Katz, Boro Park Shomrim

Much has been said about the widely publicized incident that took place last week when community members removed an about-to-be towed car from an NYPD tow truck and urged the driver to flee the scene before making disparaging comments to an NYPD tow truck operator who was just doing his job.  Over the last few days, police tow trucks have been out in force in Boro Park, but the idea that the NYPD is exacting revenge for what happened this past Thursday is a very grave error.

We have been in close contact with the NYPD who is very much aware of a massive scam that is taking place in various communities involving bogus inspection stickers and doctored registration decals.  There are vehicles on our streets that have these fake stickers and the NYPD is out there looking for them and for their owners, many of whom owe thousands of dollars in fines on their cars.

In Boro Park alone, the NYPD is combing the streets looking for many of these vehicles and their owners, whose identities are known to them.  An SUV that was towed today in Boro Park, whose picture has been circulating on social media and elsewhere, had no registration sticker in the window, its license plate revealing $3,025 in accrued violations.  Another person who was arrested after police towed his car had accumulated over $16,000 in fines.

The NYPD and its tow trucks have their eyes on Boro Park, but they are not retaliating for last week’s disaster.  They are here because of problems of our own making – people in our community who are deliberately and flagrantly violating the law, producing fake inspection stickers on high tech machinery, and creating counterfeit registration stickers.  And once police are already out with their tow trucks because of this scam, they are coming down hard on illegally parked cars, which instead of just being issued summonses, are also being towed.  Those fraudsters who think they are pulling a quick one with those fake decals?  They are the the primary reason for the rash of towing in the last few days and not anyone else.

Cars parked illegally, in front of or near fire hydrants, are another cause of the recent crackdown. By law, a 15 foot clearance is required on either side of a hydrant and parking any closer than that to a pump, on either side, is illegal.  There is no question that parking is difficult in our area, but the law exists to save lives, not to create emergency spots for private vehicles.  It is not lost on the NYPD that people have been parking in front of hydrants overnight, assuming that no one will be writing tickets at that time of the day, and they have every intention of issuing summon/ses and towing any car they find 24/7 that is parked less than 15 feet from a fire hydrant.

These practices of bending or breaking the law to suit our own purposes create an enormous chilul Hashem and they need to stop immediately.

If you are in possession of any doctored inspection or registration stickers, we strongly suggest that you clean up your act now, before the NYPD comes after you and, make no mistake about it, they know who you are. Get your car legally inspected and registered. Pay any outstanding fines you owe. And for those responsible for these unethical and immoral schemes, we need you to wake up and realize that what you are doing is unacceptable and the entire community is paying the price for your unmitigated greed and incredible foolishness.

Finally, know that if you park in front of, or too close to a fire hydrant, your car may not be there when you come back and that not only may you be facing a hefty fine, you could also be responsible for loss of life in case of a fire.

We are here in this world to be a light unto the nations.

It’s time we started acting that way.



  1. Many times cars with NY plates park in Lakewood in front of Satmar Bais Medrash, very close to the corner. Not sure what the law in NY is, but in NJ it is illegal, and police give tickets very often. (Not getting into discussion of ow dangerous it is for cars turning from 4th onto Forest Ave, that it’s impossible to see because of the illegally parked cars), just letting people not from NJ know that in NJ it is illegal and the police do issue tickets very often. Even if you just run in to catch a Maariv…

    • The same one who made them responsible for you when you get arrested, are in a major car accident, are mugged, are sitting shiva and numerous other needs of the community.

  2. By law, a 15 foot clearance is required on either side of a hydrant and parking any closer than that to a pump, on either side, is illegal. There is no question that parking is difficult in our area, but the law exists to save lives

    Baloney. The list requiring so much space exists to give tickets and make money.

    Out of NYC ten is enough and even in NYC they put meters within 15 feet of hydrants. BUT when the meters aren’t running then it reverts back to requiring fifteen feet on either side. All for safety reasons..

  3. Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    This letter is well written and extremely on target.
    The letter writers are all wonderful and amazing community activists who represent us so well. Thank you for all you do.

  4. “Goyim are so nice and fare, and never ever have double standards when it comes to Jews, in fact it is all Jews’ fault” — Signed: Judenrat.

  5. Such a chillul Hashem. And a shame that we create our own enemies. We are in galus, yet we behave as if we are not…
    However, it is almost impossible to find parking in heimishe areas. The excess of parking tickets is the fault of developers in heimishe Brooklyn. They should be banned from building houses and condos that do not provide adequate parking for each resident.

  6. Disgusting article, who do you think you are (Mayer, frielich, Perlstien, Katz) what’s the point of this article? To give legitimacy to an out if hand agency? We have enough from the non-jews cracking down on us, we all know the 15 ft fire hydrant law, the fact is no where in Brooklyn are cars parked less then 15 ft being towed away, and it never happened in BP before, the most was a summons, it’s happening now in BP for a reason, you guys think you’re smart? You need to educate us little kids about the law and safety of parking next to a fire hydrant? It is absolutely a disgrace.

  7. To just asking who made them spokesman? These askanim are the ones who the community turns to when help is needed with government officials. Take Yanky Meyer, for example, Misaskim was in the news twice this week Motzai shabbos helping a fire victim find his belongings and yesterday helping find lost teffilin in the garbage. In both cases it was it was Mr. Meyrs connections with FDNY and sanitation officials that made it possible. Now back to our story. My business takes me to different neighborhoods of NYC. To those that think Boro Park is being targeted, you are wrong Boro park is gold compared to what I see in other places. TO those that make it sound like Boro Parkers are the worst traffic offenders It must be you never went out of Boro Park You have traffic violators in non jewish neighborhoods also Boro park is for sure not the worst. Aas far as the traffic agents doing their job I live on a commercial block in Brooklyn near a supermarket. There is a long no parking trucks only until 6pm zone. I’ve seen tickets being given at 5:58. I’ve seen cars and commercial vans who were double parked get tickets while they were loading their cars or vans. There are some agents who are nicer then others but too many of them are like vultures waiting to pounce on their prey. I know the good-doers out there would say park legally. Maybe you have an illegal driveway or you shop in a mall. You don’t know the frustration of driving around and around looking for a legal parking space.

  8. Homeowners who were too cheap and smart to purchase a home with a driveway and instead made an illegal curb cut thus stealing from the public, should be arrested immediately, put in prison, and have the keys thrown away. They are the wicked ones who are the source of all these hardships.

    • It’s smart to be cheap and cheap or frugal is smart (dripping sarcasm). No one has ever done teshuvah from a jail sentence. If fines were commensurate with these issues, no one would take chances with their tash gelt. But our elected representatives are there to make sure that their pals have freeway access through tunnels, breaks on air rights, and helicopter rides for their shikas.

    • YES!!!
      Into a cold prison cell, fed bread and water once a week, and then taken out and hanged while birds peck their eyes out, just like the sar ha’ofim. Their families shall be shunned for eternity, made to walk up and down Fort Hamilton Parkway wearing a large red “D” around their necks for their illegal driveways. All neighboring houses shall be razed to the ground and the earth plowed with salt. Then parking lots shall be constructed over the plowed, salted ground as penance for the misappropriated parking spot. Six hundred thousand males shall converge on the surrounding properties every Shabbos, thereby rendering them reshus horabbim d’oraisa and invalidating any eiruv. The borough in which they reside shall be severed from the mainland with massive chainsaws and towed to the most frigid area of Antarctica where it will be permanently anchored. Their cholent shall be forever overcooked and watery, while their kishke remains raw. If they rent, may their landlords be their mothers-in-law, and if they own, may a fifty-story condo be built on one side of their property and a yeshiva with school busses that park on the street on the other side.
      And may they then, at long last, finally be chozer betshuva.

  9. Bold, brave and virtuous askanim! Put together a curriculum to trumpet these important, urgent points. Don’t let the ‘eruv-rov get you down. Milkhemes-mitzvah is not just some political or economic option. These scoffers are our worst enemy.

  10. To “just asking”: In this article they were speaking TO the community, not FOR the community. They have the right to share their thoughts, you can choose to listen or not. I for one, am grateful that they are doing so.

  11. The issue is not parking and NYC double standards towards the Jewish community. The issue is a bunch of judenrat apologists who are too eager to earn goyishe approval. What a bunch of treasonous fools!

    • OK Moish, ich vell lehrn Yinglish. Don’t like to be called Judenrat because truth hurts? Besides, how does identifying one type of traitor with another is “stepping on bones”, I am not trivializing holocaust in any way, if anything I’m keeping holocaust memory alive by raising a commonly overlooked historical fact of Jewish traitors(mostly traitors, with a few notable exceptions) appointed by germans to keep the gettos compliant with german “government activities” – called Judenrat which means Jewish councils in german. So yeah, those who are trying to bamboozle our community into double-standard oppressive-government compliance, all in pursuit of goyishe approval, are very similar to judenrat. NYC government doesn’t kill you say – if Judenrat succeeds in shutting down Jewish rights activists, who knows what oppressive liberal-fascist government is capable of. But to make you happy, I won’t call the letter authors judenrat… just einekels of judenrat.

      • Short and sweet:
        The U.S. isn’t Nazi Germany.
        Misaskim, Shomrim and other Jewish organizations aren’t Nazi collaborators.
        Moshe is right.
        You are wrong.

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