Bolivian President Says Yanky Ostreicher Fleeing Country Proves Guilt

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evo-moralesFunny to read about Evo Morales talking about justice.

The Bolivian president said today that Yanky Ostreicher’s decision to flee Bolivia is equivalent to admitting to the money laundering crimes he was charged with, AP reports.

Morales, in his first comments since Ostreicher mysteriously departed from Bolivia last week, didn’t say if he’d seek extradition of Ostreicher – which would likely not be granted anyway – or retaliate against the United States for any role it may have played in his escape.

“From the moment he fled, he’s a confessed delinquent, because why would anyone escape if they didn’t commit a crime?” Morales told reporters.

Um, how about because he was afraid for his life and knew he didn’t stand a chance of receiving a fair chance in Bolivia?

{Gavriel Newscenter}


  1. Look at his dumb face he’s dumbfounded wondering how they lost such a high profile prisoner. Mr morales there was a higher power protecting him. Baruch HaShem.

  2. Such corruption letting him linger there for such a long time-life in danger. Let’s hope he should be safe and sound. Its time Ostreicher should be over this horrible Parsha

  3. I am sure that there are some people in Bolivia that are really good people, but their govt and their jails are a shame to the world.

    They are corrupt and inhumane. That Morales should go climb into a hole and not come out after saying such shtus.


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