Bolton Says Trump Should Withdraw From 2024 Race

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John Bolton, a former national security adviser during the Trump administration, expressed his belief that Donald Trump, the former President, should withdraw from the 2024 Republican nomination due to the criminal charges he is currently facing in New York and Florida.

Bolton took to Twitter and stated, “Donald Trump ought to promptly remove himself from the presidential race. He is facing an accumulation of criminal charges. If Trump genuinely advocated for America First policies, he would uphold the principles of law instead of consistently disregarding them. Step back now!”

Since his departure from the administration in 2019, Bolton has been a strong critic of the former president. However, he did show support for Trump when he was indicted in April on 34 felony counts of filing false business records in the first degree by Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Trump pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Yet, Bolton’s perspective shifted when Trump faced indictment from special counsel Jack Smith for mishandling classified records at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. Bolton asserted that these prosecutions of Trump only deepen divisions within the United States, and this ultimately benefits adversaries like Russia and China.

In another tweet, Bolton expressed, “I can guarantee you that the China/Russia axis and their associates desire Trump to persist with his farcical campaign despite additional indictments. Our division plays into their hands. A feeble and distracted American president presents them an opportunity they could never create on their own. A Trump-Biden rematch is their ultimate aspiration.”

Bolton also proposed, through another tweet, that the Republican Party should establish a regulation barring individuals facing federal or state indictments from running for president. However, implementing such a rule would likely face constitutional challenges. The Constitution does not prohibit individuals under criminal investigation or in prison from seeking the presidency.

Bolton conveyed his thoughts on this matter by stating, “The @GOP should adopt a rule that no one under Federal or state criminal indictment is eligible to be nominated for POTUS. It establishes a disappointingly low threshold that those aspiring to the highest office should effortlessly surpass.”



  1. I certainly agree that Trump should drop out of the 2024 race and it would be a lot better for the US if he did.

    That said, no one can seriously expect Trump to listen to people like me or Bolton who despise him anyway (I voted for him in 2020. It was his behavior afterward that caused me to despise him so much)


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