Bonei Olam Auction Book…Facilitates Yeshuos Hashem

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sweet-moments-bonei-olamHadassah got married around 8 years ago, and was hoping to start a family of her own. After all, that’s what the rest of her friends did. They got married and soon enough were expecting their first child.

However, as her friends had one child after another, Hadassah had yet to have her first child.

She davened. She gave Tzedakah. She did all sorts of Segulos, but she remained childless.

Around a year ago, Hadassah was in Boro Park and came across the Chinese auction catalog for the 2008 Bonei Olam Chinese Auction.

At first, she hesitated to pick it up as it just accentuated her pain, but eventually picked it up and began leafing through it.

She came across one of the prizes which was donated by “Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah”, an organization that has Torah scholars learn Mishnayos and Gemara on behalf of people as a zechus for Shidduchim, Refuos, Children or other Yeshuos.

“That’s something I never tried!” thought Hadassah.

She picked up the phone and called them and right then and there “bought” the zechus of Mishnayos  to be studied on her behalf each day . She eventually added some Talmud to the regimen that the scholars studied on her behalf.

Hadassah also called the number in the Bonei Olam auction book and ordered some tickets to other items that she hoped to win.

The Boro Park auction came and went, and Hadassah did not win any of the prizes in the book.

However, she didn’t mind at all, as the Zechus of Limud Mishnah and the zechus of supporting Bonei Olam made her a real winner!

As of this writing, about a year after she picked up that Chinese auction book, Hadassah is a proud new mother of a healthy baby boy, and the Bris will be taking place in a few days!

She may not have won the prize she put in for but she won the most important “prize” of all; A Yiddishe Neshama!

The Zechus of Torah! The Zechus of Chesed! The Zechus of Tzedakah!

P.S.  See Prize #20 in the “Sweet Moments” Auction book and you too can have a chance to win this prize of Limud Mishnayos on your behalf! (a $1,300 value).

Sweet Moments indeed!

If you did not yet receive the beautiful full color auction booklet, please call the Bonei Olam of Lakewood office at 732-942-7773 to request one or email [email protected] .

To purchase auction tickets please call 732-953-6050 or view and purchase at

Bonei Olam only hosts one event each year in Lakewood, alternating between a dinner and an auction. So, even if for whatever reason you will not be purchasing auction prizes or attending the Auction, please do not forget to send in a generous contribution to Bonei Olam 3 Brittany Ct. Lakewood NJ 08701.

 {L. Halevi/ Newscenter}


  1. Many Askonim are urging people to do there own INDEPENDENT research, as to how and what any oganization is actually doing, to help people in need.

    In the case of Bonei Olom, everybody knows at least somebody that had their first child more than 3 or 4 years after their Chassunah. So just ask them for some feedback of their relationship, if any, with Bonei Olom.

    People should never rely on stories told via speeches at organizational dinner, nor should they rely on stories written in pamphlets, or on anonymous comments posted to websites.

  2. All I can say is that Bonei Olam has spent untold thousands of dollars, hours and energy o my wife and I, and they were the amazing messengers of Shomayim in helping us have our 2 beautiful children!

    Kol HaKavod to them! All who support this amazing Mosed, should be bentched.

  3. Comment #2 sounds like he is a Staff member of the organization.
    We need INDEPENDENT verification.
    Real people asking real couples.

  4. re comment #1,

    DO NOT ask, it is a VERY touchy issue and is not easy to talk about with just anyone.

    P.S. comment #2 sounds pretty real to me.

    May ALL childless couples be bentched with large healthy families quickly and easily so that there be no need for organizations like Bonei Olam

  5. Right, Donors can’t just listen to hundreds of stories related by the organization’s own marketing campaign.
    Donors must first try to talk to real people who might have needed that kind of assistance, and verify for themselves whether anyone was ever helped by them in a satifactory manner.

  6. R Dovid –
    On behalf of all couples who had their first child more than three or four years after the chasunah – do us a favor, and don’t advise the public to ask us details about a very private matter. Thank you.

  7. Are you so callous as to actually ask a couple who went through such a nisayon if they were helped by this organization? You know those couples are out there, please don’t add to their already overflowing cup of anguish by hurting them at their most sensitive point. Let us all remember the lessons of Chana and Penina and go out of our way to daven and to act sensitively to a childless couple and to those that were B’H helped.

  8. I happen to know some of the people who work for Bonei Olam in Brooklyn and in Lakewood, and they are some of the finest, and most ehrliche people you can imagine.

    I also happen to know some of the “real” Bonei Olam success stories, and there is no question that Bonei olam does fantastic Chesed L’Shaym Shamayim.

  9. To # 5

    100% right.

    Couples who started having children late after their Chassunah, are eager to talk about their ordeal, to help and guide others.

    Donors, should definitely discuss with them whether using an organization, who might force you to use their Doctors, makes more sense, then using the guidance of your own well recomended gynecologist.

  10. I know for a fact that couples who have gone through this, Do want to talk to guide and inspire others.
    It is not healthy for any organization to operate under the cover of darkness by saying “Don’t be callous to ask couples about their ordeal”.
    I am begging people to please ask. You might be very surprised.

  11. Ask people about going through infertility? ARE YOU NUTS????????

    Those were some of the hardest moments in our marriage, when people asked about why we didn’t have children, which is NONE of their business EVER.

  12. I don’t understand why the Organization’s members are so adamant, to discourage people from inquiring from a, sister-in-law, cousin, close friend, after they already had a few children, “Who exactly really helped you?”

    What are they hiding?


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