Boo Hoo: Arrogant Apple Now Wants FBI to Reveal How It Hacked iPhone

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Now that the FBI successfully hacked into an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters, Apple wants the feds to reveal how they did it.

Um, too bad.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the tech giant’s attorneys are researching the legal tactics to compel the government to hand over the details of its hack—information the company deems important for understanding flaws in their product and for protecting consumer privacy.

It remains unclear whether the FBI’s hack would work on other iPhones, and a Times law enforcement source said its applications are limited. Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. I find it difficult to adequately express my fury at Tim Cook and his minions. By refusing to assist the FBI’s efforts to stop a potential terrorist attack – even if they legally can’t be compelled to give such assistance – they have become de facto accomplices of those who destroyed the World Trade Center and commit terrorist atrocities throughout the world.
    While the rank and file Apple employees are not at fault for the decisions of those on top, Cook and his ilk are the Quislings of corporate America.

  2. so proud of israel for unlocking the phone!! the phone belonged to the county, not to the mechabel himself, so it wasn’t his anyway…

  3. Liberal elitists and the media are killing this great country. Apple should have just give the FBI the information quietly without making a big deal and no one would have known. We now know where Apple and its backers have their allegiance it’s to the mighty dollar and not to the safety of the American people.

    • Agreed, except for your first sentence.
      Those who back Apple’s stance come from both sides of the aisle, and extreme right-wingers (think militias, NRA and Ted Nugent) are most likely to distrust the government on this issue.

  4. If after a week of pressure from the fbi, Apple had given in and created the software that the fbi asked for, Apple would’ve had great publicity in every way. Instead they now look like bombastic selfish idiots who care more about their own bottom line than the actual security of the US. They claim they need to know the technique used for the safely of their customers? Well where was their concern for safety when the fbi needed their help.

  5. A dilemma: on one hand it’s a pleasure to see a liberal company like Apple hurt, on the other there is very little hope that FBI will use their new iPhone unlocking capability against islamonazis – while it’s guaranteed to be used against regular citizens.


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