Booker Begins Toeivah in NJ: “I Wasn’t Going To Marry Anybody If I Couldn’t Marry Everybody”

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cory-booker1New Jersey – Nine couples – including seven engaged in a relationship that the Torah calls toeivah – walked down the marble staircase at City Hall to be married by Newark Mayor Cory Booker early today.

“It is officially past midnight, marriage is equal in New Jersey,” Booker told the crowd to kick off the ceremony.

Booker, who was elected to the U.S. Senate last week, called for one person who began protesting to be removed and police dragged him out.

Booker opened the separate ceremonies by talking about marriage as “a lifetime bond” that required serious consideration.

Today’s marriage ceremonies marked the first time Booker has officiated weddings as mayor.

“I wasn’t going to marry anybody, if I couldn’t marry everybody,” he said in an interview afterwards.

For shame.

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  1. He wasnt going to marry anybody if he wasn’t allowed to marry everybody?!??! How far does that extend?
    When the umbrella term “marriage” is extended to cover everything, it becomes meaningless. Akin to a whole class being deemed honor students.

  2. This has nothing to do with Obama. He is a bad guy in his own right. This is the guy that people fell in love with because he said a “dvar torah” by some dinner.

  3. @ #1, I realize you are puppeting what every other Matzav commenter would say, but

    a)he is not a puppet for Obama. Did you miss him going after Obama for Attacking Romney/Bain Capital during the election? I thought so

    b)He didn’t pass the law, he is merely following it. Expecting a goy to have your beliefs is absurd, how many christian ideals, muslim ideals, hindu ideal etc. do you adhere to?

  4. i will tell you whats for shame, and that is that this very website cetainly seemed to be throwing support behind this man before the election. its a shame that his opponent who may actually possess a moral compass, was barely mentioned. you had a video of booker speaking hebrew at some function, trying to make it seem as if he was benign and sympathetic to our community. now it seems very puzzling to hear you sound the alarm. where were you when something could have been done?

  5. Look, it all starts at the top with Obama:

    Obama gave his haskama to this toeivah. So it stands to reason that all Democrats must do the same. If they don’t march in lockstep with The Dictator, there will be negative consequences for anyone who steps out of line.

    The entire Democrat Party and the media are Obama’s puppets. Almost sounds like the Mafia, no?

  6. Afraid to think of when H’ unleashes His full wrath! We all know what’s happening with the weather in the world, i.e., earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, hurricane, tornadoes, typhoons.

  7. I don’t understand why we expect non-Jews to value our religious principles. Just like we’re free to practice our religion, they’re free to do things against our religion. It’s not like they’re forcing US to do it.


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