Booker To Stop Accepting Donations From Corporate PACs

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Sen. Cory Booker said Tuesday night he will no longer accept campaign contributions from corporate PACs, joining several other Democratic lawmakers.

“I heard from constituents today asking about corporate PAC contributions. I’m joining several of my colleagues & no longer accepting these contributions,” Booker tweeted. “Our campaign finance system is broken. I thank @StopBigMoney for their work — it’s time to pass campaign finance reform.”


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Keep in mind, Mr. Booker happily signed on to Obamas Iran deal. He urged Obama to send our hard earned tax dollars in cash to Iran, in the dead of the night. He stabbed his Jewish constituents in the back. Now we just saw Iranian backed terrorists shoot down an Israeli fighter jet. Do we really want an Anti Semite in the White House. Cory has failed us.

  2. Cory is dumb to the cite. There is problem in his fuddle of the military. Focus his dramatic courage only his city needed welfare. That is all his real even accomplishments can do.

    Testy too. Gorgeous to the touch of anger.

    Noy my vote outside his any national interest.


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