Border Boss Morgan Predicts ‘Invasion’ Under Biden

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Illegal immigration could bloom into an “invasion” if Joe Biden wins the presidency, U.S. Customs and Border Protection acting Commissioner Mark Morgan said.

Speaking with reporters on Tuesday, Morgan said actions President Donald Trump has taken have drastically cut down the number of detained illegal immigrants who are caught and released back into the U.S. He said under Biden, however, that number could skyrocket.

“If the wall is no longer allowed to continue to be built, if MPP goes away, what you’re going to see is a resurgence of catch-and-release,” said Morgan, referencing what’s called the Migrant Protection Protocols. “You’re not going to see a crisis; you’re going to see an invasion.

“The human smuggling organizations are telling them, ‘Make your way. America’s opening back up. You’re going to get free healthcare.'”

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  1. And they can get driver’s licenses, they’ll stay together with their kids, they’ll get shelter, and best of all, they’ll be entitled to a free shopping spree every time a cop uses his gun


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