‘BORING!’ Trump Yawns At Democratic Debate


President Donald Trump’s initial reaction to the first 2020 Democratic presidential debate: “BORING!”

The presidential tweet landed as candidates on the debate stage in Miami were asked about the crisis at the southern U.S. border involving migrant children.

Shortly after, he tweeted criticism of NBC and MSNBC over a technical production issue that occurred in the second hour of the debate when moderators Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd began asking questions.

The tweets came minutes after Trump, who had deplaned from Air Force One in Alaska en route to Japan, greeting the U.S. troops there, later sharing a video montage of his brief visit in Anchorage on Twitter.

Read more at NBC NEWS.



  1. How dumb of the Dumbocrats. A person who thinks he can run against Trump, the First Legally Elected President and the First Real Leader of the US, is already dumb.

    There’s no way in the world that the Deep State can back into power.

  2. Of course it’s boring when the Deep State’s control over the US is over, in the trash can of history.


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