Born in the USA: Barack Obama Joke Enjoyed by Journalists at Annual Dinner

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obamaIt was the moment everyone had been waiting for. The US president was about to take the stage and the Marine Band, laid on by the White House especially for the occasion, had begun to sound the opening notes of the traditional Hail to the Chief.

Suddenly, there was an unexpected glitch. “Can we go with the song we talked about?” Barack Obama said as he came to the podium. The band switched tack and began belting out the classic song, “Born in the USA.”

It was Obama’s best joke of the night, delivered in the classic, self-deprecating style that has been handed down from president to president. Every president since Grover Cleveland has subjected himself to the ritual humiliations of the annual Gridiron Club dinner, hosted by Washington’s political journalists, where they have come to mock and be mocked.

In Obama’s case, the joke was focused on the ongoing conspiracy theory – more than half of Republican primary voters are said to believe it – that the president was not born in the US. In his speech to more than 600 journalists, officials and celebrities at a Washington hotel, Obama returned to the theme later.

As he ridiculed little-known Tim Pawlenty, the former governor of Minnesota who has his eye on running against him for president next year, Obama said: “The American people are going to have some tough questions for Tim.

“Specifically, ‘Who are you and where do you come from?'” After a split second pause, he continued: “Which is OK. Two years into my presidency and I’m still getting those questions.”

He had another crack at the joke in reference to the Indiana governor Mitch Daniels, who had delivered the after-dinner speech for the Republicans. He told the potential 2012 candidate: “Your friends at Fox News say you don’t look like a president. Well, don’t worry about it, they say the same thing about me every day.”

Obama also jousted with Haley Barbour, Mississippi’s chubby governor, who is yet another possible candidate in 2012 and displays the south’s famous fondness for barbecue ribs and other fatty foods. Obama thanked him for supporting the first lady’s anti-obesity drive, then added: “Haley, when Michelle said you should run, she didn’t mean for president.”

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  1. Not born in USA. End of story. I am a birther. Kenya was more like it. How long will this guy continue to take us for fools. Unconstitunal! It’s a federel crime to ocupy the oval office, if not born in USA. He should be brought to justice. I’m imbaresed of him. He is stealing the privillage to the “gov’t housing” form the poor.

  2. You should be more embarrassed at yourself. You consider yourself to be American and you dare to write with such offensive grammar and spelling mistakes? Shame on you!!!

  3. #3 and #4:

    Please do not mock and ridicule Smarty’s English; it is quite clear that, unfortunately, he was absent on the day his school taught English grammar, style, spelling and syntax.

  4. Hey all of you listen up. I just heard that Obamas mom was married to Barack’s father February 2, 1961 according to Hawaiin Divorce Court records. Not even the birther crazies question this. However just as the hawaii newspaper says Barack was born on August 4, 1961 in Hawaii, so does the Hawaiin government and no Hawaiin gov official disagrees. It is, after all, the government that issued the birth certificate which the Hawaiin government agrees is the one that the Obama Team gave reporters prior to the election to view- the same one that was shown on the internet prior tot he elction and no one disagrees that the birth certificate shown was the same as given by the government…..the givernment ofHawaii itself says so.

    So the birther crazies think the mom took off out of the country within 6 months of getting married in Hawaii and then returned to the country wihout a trace, and no one including not one of the 150 intelligence agecnies of governments around the world can expose this conspiracy.

    And additionally, it goes, the parents had help with an unknown cabal to have the certificate faked and inserted into the government of Hawaiis records and to have the recordof the birth inserted into a daily newspaper.

    fabulous story


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