Boro Park: Bookcase Collapses on Employee at Eichler’s Judaica, Stack of Boxes Saves the Day

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Two bookcases collapsed onto an employee at Eichler’s Judaica in Boro Park yesterday afternoon as a shopper attempted to retrieve a book from a tightly packed shelf, BP24 reports.

Miraculously, a stack of boxes cushioned the blow and the employee only suffered minor injuries.


  1. Don’t invite a Rusha to your store anymore. The witch of a lady should have never stepped foot near a “religious” place. She hates Jews and actually all people that anti- Semite. VOTE ZELDIN

  2. I was in Chicago ILL in 1956. I visited a jewish bookstore in the Albany Prk section. While I was there I heard a loud noise. it was probaly a book shelve that fell down. I then left and took a city bus and got soup soup. i might of seen a cloud in the sky. I will tell you more after my supper and nap….Stay tuned don’t touch that dial…./..

  3. When he was told that the stack of boxes actually created a safer environment for the employee, an Eichler official said: “I’m not sure what you mean when you say it created a safer environment. We sell almost any sefer you’re looking for, you can’t get a more sefer environment than that.”

  4. It says clearly that he suffered minor injuries, no safer of minor injuries, I don’t even think there is a safer called מיינר אינדריס״”


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