Boro Park Shomrim Members Honored for Bravery


kevin-parker-with-shomrim-heroes-small[Video below.] Today, proclamations were presented to four brave Shomrim members in Boro Park – Motty Brunner, Motty Perl, Yoel Klein and Avrohom Kaztow – who were shot last month when confronting a suspected predator in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn. The violent man who shot the four Shomrim members, David Flores, 33, was taken to Lutheran Medical Center at the time to be treated for a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the hand suffered in the clash.

The Shomrim members were tailing Flores after getting a report of a man acting inappropriately in front of children. They saw him get out of a car on 46th St. near 10th Ave. in Borough Park around 7:30 p.m. They chased him and then tried to disarm him when Flores whipped out a gun.

Motty Pearl, 28, and Avrohom Kaztow, 54, were each hit once in the hand.  Motty Brunner, 28, was hit in the neck, and Yoel Klein, 27, was hit in the stomach.

Today, they were honored for their bravery by Councilmen David Greenfield. Present at the ceremony was Shomrim coordinators Simcha Bernath, Yanky Daskal, Mottie Katz, and Shaya Lichtenstein, and the proclamation was presented by Councilman Greenfield, as well as other Council members, including Brad Lander, Mike Nelson and Peter Vallone.

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{ by Dee Voch}


  1. everything is okay bla bla bla patrol, saftey, important to the community, but why ceremonys and plaqs for every little action??? Cops go thru this every single day


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