Boro Park Shomrim To Receive Bullet-Proof Vests Following Shooting

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boro-park-shomrimNew York State Senator Eric Adams held a press conference today to announce the purchase of bullet proof vests for members of the Brooklyn South Safety Patrol (Boro Park Shomrim). The vests will provide additional protection to the volunteer safety group while it conducts its daily patrols in the Boro Park area. In a seven day period, Boro Park has suffered two separate shooting incidents, one involving a bank robbery and the latest resulting in gunshot injuries to four members of the Boro Park civilian patrol group.NYS Senator Eric Adams visited one of the injured patrol members in the hospital.

“We must do everything we can to protect these brave men who put themselves in harm’s way to protect us from danger,” he said. “A bullet proof vest cannot guarantee safety, but it may save a life.”

“The Shomrim risk their own security in their valiant effort to protect their fellow citizens, and I hold its members in the highest esteem.” the Senator said.

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  1. Vests wadda they gonna help
    one guy shot in the leg
    one in the arm
    one in the neck R’L
    one in the stomach
    wouldv’e helped in one case
    Stun guns are the answer
    Ah Gutte Kasha/ do they have to put on Tzitis on the vest?

  2. The best we can offer these brave people is partial body protection? Why can’t they have guns? People will be less likely to shoot if they know that they the Shomrim have the ability to shoot back.

  3. at the risk of sounding off-topic,i’d like to recommend emotional bullet-proofing:if someone continuously hurts you with words,remind yourself that it may be the teapot calling the kettle black OR…a very unhappy person.Happy people do not take pleasure from making others feel bad.Keeping these 2 factors in mind will bullet-proof you better from cheap “shots” that” wound” your spirit.
    On a more serious note,may Hashem send a REFUAH SH’LAYMA M’HAYRA to all the shomrim who got hurt.

  4. Thats very good but now the Shomrim members may put themselves in harms way relying on the vests & a false sense of security. Where are the NYPD in all of this? We the tax payers pay them very well. Why aren’t they doing their job to protect us? What are we paying them for? To give parking tickets & eat donuts?

  5. One thing is apparent from all these comments: instead of paying mere lip service to the importance of the Shomrim why don’t people make a tangible contribution to their cause?

    A single dollar bill from every member of each and every community enjoying the Shomrim’s protection would make all the difference.

  6. As a holder of an NYS and an NYC concealed carry permit, as well as carry permits in other states, I would strenuously object to arming Shomrim members or any other neighborhood watch group. Their job is to observe and report. They are not cops. They are not Rambo. From my brief association with such groups it is my opinion that they have neither the training nor the temperament to be trusted with lethal weapons If they would actually have to shoot someone, even in self defense, they would almost certainly be charged with felony assault and, if C’V they kill someone, they would be charged with murder.

    Citizens arrests are tricky things. As in all acts of Kanois, they are subject to arrest themselves and to reprisal as well. In the recent case in BP, it frankly seems that the miscreant can make a valid case of self defense in shooting the Shomrim members (although he would be subject to a charge of illegal possession). You can’t legally resist a Cop who is arresting you but you can legally defend yourself against a citizen trying the same thing and if a group of citizens attempts to arrest a single individual, that individual would be legally justified in using deadly force to protect himself.

    So all of you ersatz super heroes out there, stick to observing and reporting and leave the rest to the adults.


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