Boston Jewish Community Unites Around Search For Missing Teen, Son of Noted Columnist Jeff Jacoby: Kalev Avrohom ben Elisheva Rus

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caleb-jacobyThe Boston Jewish community is uniting around the search for Caleb Jacoby, 16, who was last seen at 12:30 p.m. Monday, according to police in the Boston suburb of Brookline. Caleb is the son of prominent Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby.

“The support from the community is outstanding,” said Ellen Pulda, a spokesperson for the Maimonides School in Brookline, where Jacoby is a well-respected student, MassLive reported. “People from near and far offered to help.”

Local Jewish organizations and community members were circulating fliers with Jacoby’s photograph and description as well as searching local areas.

“He’s a very quiet boy, he’s also a very good one,” Efrat Lipschitz, Jacoby’s Hebrew teacher, told MassLive. “People really love him in school because he is a very good person.”

On Twitter, Jeff Jacoby thanked the Jewish community for its support.

“We are so deeply, deeply grateful for everything being done to reunite us with our beloved son Caleb,” Jacoby wrote.

An asifas tefillah is scheduled to be held at Young Israel of Brookline.


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  1. Latest reports indicate he was seen last night 45 minutes away in PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island. If someone sees him, CALL 9-1-1, don’t approach him or he’ll run away.

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  3. thank you for that idea. That’s the way a Jew thinks. I just gave $20 to R. Meir B. Hanes. May Kalev return to his family gezunte heit, safe and sound!

  4. Proud Jew, I realize that when something like this happens and we know it wasn’t some random act of violence we tend to feel relief – for ourselves, even while feeling pain for the victim and family. But I think we to just let go and accept that we do not have a right to know every detail, families need their privacy. We can still offer our thoughts and prayers.

    Of course if people are in New England and think they may be able to offer further practical help, by all means, contact the police, YI, etc.

  5. They said everyone in klal yisroel must say kapital samech zayin 67 as many times as possible .
    Bh he will return shortly .
    Please spread the word


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