Boy Regains Consciousness After Parents Sign Papers To Donate His Organs

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A 13-year-old boy who suffered severe brain trauma in an accident regained consciousness after his parents signed paperwork to donate his organs.

Trenton McKinley of Mobile, Alabama, suffered seven skull fractures two months ago when a small utility trailer he was riding flipped over. His mother, Jennifer Reindl, said she signed the papers to donate Trenton’s organs because five kids needing transplants were a match.

But just a day before doctors were set to end Trenton’s life support, he showed signs of cognition, and now he’s slowly going through recovery.

Read more at CBS News.



  1. You see. One should never give up. Life and death is in the hands of the Aibishter. How can one “end a life”? THAT’S MURDER!!!
    In England, we see such kind of murders are encouraged. We must restrict such actions. Thank God, good moral people like Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, just passed the toughest anti abortion laws in this Nation. I hope others will follow suit.

  2. Chesed Leumim Chatas!Everything they try to do as chesed – abortion, lgbt, immigrants (illegal, open borders, not regular normal legal immigration), sanctuary cities, peta, gun control, socialized medicine, etc. etc. etc. all of it is achzarius! Cruelty! The left is evil – pure and simple. It’s anti G-d, anti morality, anti truth, etc.

  3. This boy is very lucky he had “good” doctors. Many cases have been reported where signed paperwork to donate organs is authorization to take organs when the doctor “understands” that the patient died. In other words, they take the organs and don’t even bother trying to cure the person.

  4. According to the article, the boy was not even tested for “brain death” because his vital signs appeared, well, far from brain death. All that happened was that the prognosis did not look good and doctors talked to family about organ donation, and family agreed to it.

    Perhaps there are mistakes, and safeguards should be set. Perhaps further medical progress will change things. But I think it is inappropriate to spew venom at organ donation from brain dead patient. In most cases it is halachically forbidden for a Yid to donate, and of course we should publicize that to people who may be unaware. But it is permissible to receive such donated organs. Have the previous commenters thought of the agony of the families of the nonjews who generously have signed the papers, or the generosity of such donors who did so before the accident?

    Of course, may we never need organ donation, but among us, there are some who are alive thanks to it.


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