Boy’s Parents Could Face Charges Over Gorilla’s Death

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Police in Ohio have said the parents of a four-year-old child who climbed into a gorilla enclosure could face criminal charges after zookeepers were forced to shoot and kill the animal, THE INDEPENDENT reports.

Harambe the 400lb gorilla was shot dead by Cincinnati Zoo officials this week after the boy climbed through some barriers and fell into the enclosure.

The incident, which was captured on video, sparked outrage from witnesses and animal lovers around the globe, who branded it a “senseless” and “unnecessary death.”




  1. It’s the zoo’s obligation to protect its visitors. Does anyone inspect the zoo’s safety? Aren’t there any regulations? Aren’t zoo’s partially funded by tax dollars? So basically, Government agencies are above the law. Very nice.

  2. i just dont get it!!!

    those that feel that killing the gorilla was “senseless” and “unnecessary death”, what do they feel should have been done??? let the gorilla kill the child????

  3. Michael please read a bit about the history of the negligence in regards to responsibility of this family and it’ll make sense to you as to why they should be charged.


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