CHANUKAH TERROR IN FORSHAY: Multiple People Stabbed In Forshay, Two Suspects On The Loose



UPDATE: Multiple people have been stabbed at the residence of the Kossoner Rebbe, Rav Chaim Leibush Rottenberg, on Forshay Road in Monsey, NY.

Eyewitnesses at the scene say that a masked African-American man drove up to the rebbe‘s home in a silver car as the rebbe finished lighting neiros Chanukah. The man pulled out a machete knife and began stabbing people who were leaving the rebbe‘s house to go next door to a melava malka at the shul.

The man tried entering the rebbe‘s home, but was stopped when someone threw a small table at the attacker, forcing him back outside.

The attacker then tried entering the shul, but was stopped because the door was locked.

The man was able to escape in a getaway car on Orchard Hill Road, reportedly assisted by an accomplice. The car was a Nissan Centra with plate number HPT 5747. A report that one arrest has been made at Walmart parking lot on Route 59 has been confirmed to be unsubstantiated. If anyone has more more information, please contact the Ramapo Police immediately.

According to people at the scene, at least three people have been wounded in serious condition. Hatzolah paramedics are on scene treating the victims.

The rebbe was not injured in the attack.

A shootout on the Palisades related to the attack is being reported. Update cannot be confirmed.

At least three victims were stabbed at a Chanukah party in Monsey, Motzei Shabbos.

Please say Tehillim for Yosef ben Perel, who is undergoing a heart surgery due to his injuries, Shlomo ben Vittel, Naftali Tzvi ben Gila and Meir Yehosef ben Vittel.

Update: The vehicle, registered to an address in Greenwood Lake, crossed the George Washington Bridge into New York at about 11 p.m.

Update: Reports indicate that the suspect has been arrested at 7th Avenue and West 144th Street in New York City.

Project Chai, Chai Lifeline’s crisis intervention department,  encourages anyone with questions or concerns about how to address the stabbings in Monsey with their children/ students to contact its 24 Hour Crisis Helpline: 855-3-crisis or email English and Yiddish counselors are on standby.

This is a developing story. More details will be provided as they come in.



  1. Why does it feel like there is a concerted efforts in the black community to attack Jews? Where is all the hate coming from?
    Is there an underground organization promoting all this now?

      • סיפור שקרה בימי הקדוש רבי יששכר דוב מבעלזא זכותו יגן עלינו, קרה אז מקרה נורא בעיר היבנוב, הייתה שם מחלוקת בין שני חייטים והמחלוקת התגברה והתגברה עד שקם אחד החייטים ודקר למוות את החייט השני, באותה עת עבר הקדוש מבעלזא באזור ההוא. כשהוא עבר על פני העיר ראווע הוא עצר ובאו ציבור גדול לקחת ממנו ברכת שלום, הכריז הקדוש מבעלזא שהוא לא רוצה לברך את בני העיר היבנוב, ושאף אחד מהם לא יעיז לגשת אליו; בשמעם זאת הם טענו: ‘מה אנחנו אשמים, איש אחד יחטא ועל כל העדה תקצוף? אם חייט אחד דקר את השני והרגו, מה זה קשור אלינו?’ ענה להם בקדוש מבעלזא: “כשהחסידים דוקרים אחד את רעהו עם הפה אז החייטים דוקרים אחד את השני עם סכינים”

    • We have to respect the Non Jewish people and deal honestly to them, but not to mix.
      Do you recall the 60s in the USA?
      I think in Europe it used to be said: if we don’t make kiddush they make havdala.

  2. While these perps who commit these horrible crimes are scum and should be given the death penalty, the recent trend of highlighting all anti semitism and taking on people who oppose you with lawsuits is pouring gas on a fire.
    Jews used to live below the radar and thats how Galus is supposed to be, there will always be antisemites but its just incumbent on us to be nicer and not use every right in our disposal to win them and anger them, which in most cases is short term gain vs long term pain
    while you may excercise your “RIGHTS” and win your zoning fights in court, you cant win against bullets C”V.
    Eisav Sonei Es Yaakov! so beware and dont fan the flames.
    (of course this goes against the Shitah of the ADL and the developers in all jewish towns)

    • יישר כח zevy for your comment.

      It is about time someone gave a traditional תורה perspective.

      יברכך ה’ וישמרך

    • actually incorrect, while there have always been advocates for what your saying, there also have been many wealthy leaders in Klal yisroel. Many majestic chassidic groups. and there were always “sheina yidden” who were of the aristocracy. We still can see the remains of glorious shuls and yeshivos that were common in Europe.
      In short. Its true one shouldnt flaunt wealth. But i believe that that is not the message here.

    • Yes learn to fight and defend ourselves
      Our greatest ancestors did such as Avraham avinu who battles the great kings … the great King David etc
      Baseless hatred within ourselves also feeds into hatred from without

    • Yes learn to fight and defend ourselves
      Our greatest ancestors did such as Avraham avinu who battles the great kings … the great King David etc
      Baseless hatred within ourselves also feeds into hatred from without
      That is what feeds antisemitism

  3. Daven to Hashem!!!!! and most important Please improve the Tznius of the women in this neighborhood. Enough is enough, going to Shul is not supposed to be a fashion show!!!. Enough said on this topic and now Hashem wants to see action, ‘changing into modest clothing’ and not dressing to Kill.

  4. Hashem wants to bring Moshiach. Now Hashem is waiting for us to do Teshuva. Please Daven to Hashem do not talk during Davening!!!!! and most important improving the Tznius of the women in this neighborhood. Enough is enough, going to Shul is not supposed to be a fashion show/contest!!!. Enough said on this horrible topic, and now Hashem wants to see action, ‘changing into modest clothing’ and not dressing to Kill.
    Hashem is waiting for us to do Teshuva… Hashem is crying out to us begging us to change out bad habits .
    Time to wake up and smell the Hot Brewing Coffee, before it’s to late.

  5. Gov Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio are to be blamed for all the attacks. They’re the ones protecting illegal immigrants.

    • Don’t wait:
      Be mispallel to the Shomer Yisruel he should watch us from all שונאי ישראל

      A gun can’t help you, you can have a gun, and somone can חלילה do something.

  6. We can’t know the underlying causes with certainty, but our bad habit of electing Democrats just might be a factor. What cities have their pro-criminal policies not damaged? The same hand that gives government goodies (billed of course to the taxpayer!) takes away the rule of law.

  7. I sit here so confused. When we were taught of the dog blaming the stick for it’s hits, I never thought I’d see such wide spread instance of knowing saying Hashem is hitting us. It is farakhan, deblasio, etc. NO! Loh kayn. A meter few weeks ago a chasuna fro that neighborhood with all rabbonim coming to the affair turned into a mixed dancing event. And not one person protested. And as I left, I thought….do they think yiddishkeit and Hashem has no more borders?!? I knew then there would be tragedy in this neighborhood. As so many posters say, wake up. Not to smell the coffee. Ooroo yeshaynim!!!

  8. Attention all heiliga yidden מי לה אלי please awaken from your golus slumber and realize the רבונו של עולם wants us to do תשובה … of course we should try to protect ourselves as much as possible BUT WE MUST REALIZE THAT HASHEM IS SENDING US A MESSAGE THAT WE NEED HIM MORE THAN EVER TO TAKE US OUT OF THIS BITTER GOLUS!!

  9. Bring back the JDL.
    One report said that someone used a metal folding table to keep the assailants out of the home. Metal folding tables and folding chairs can provide a measure of help – they should be standard, rather than plastic.
    Invite a mohel to every event.
    Include a shochet, wherever possible.
    Bring back the JDL, or at least Shomrim patrolling the streets.

    • You are trying to work from outside. But we need to change from within so that Hashem should protect us…isnt that understood by now? How many warnings do we need? How many a year?

  10. We still need to know how this person was directed to or was able to choose Rabbi Rottebnerg’s house/shul as his target. What was his familiarity with the area?

  11. Frumsaniry;
    Show Hashem that you mean what you say.
    Do your part by leaving your bitter golus and moving to Eretz Yisrael.
    Meet Hashem halfway, at least. HE will do the rest. So far, very few are anxious to leave the Dagah fish.

  12. תקע בשופר גדול לחרותינו
    ושא נס לקבץ גלויותנו
    וקבצינו יחד מהרה מארבע כנפות הארץ
    Notice how the first two are passive e.g. a call and a flag which some will see and hear and respond. The last one is active and urgent and perhaps that’s what’s happening now.

  13. ימי החנוכה ימים נשגבים ונעלים עד מאוד. ימים של התעלות באמונה ובהשגחה פרטית, ימים של ניסים ונפלאות, אשר הקב”ה מנהיג את עולמו מעל הטבע, בדרך ניסית שאינה מובנת כלל על- פי ההיגיון והשכל, והקב”ה מגלה את אהבתו הגדולה לכל עם ישראל

  14. I am surprised and a little shocked at how far we have fallen to have all these comments smelling of kochi v’otzem yadi. do you not all realize that this is only only only from Hashem????? man has no power to harm you if Hashem does not allow it. not cuomo, not police, not shomrim
    that is what we have to wake up to. realize that Hashem is in control and not us. we have to work on emunah and bitachon.
    Hashem is our loving caring father and takes care of us 24 hours a day. every day . . . . .

    • Ur the only sane voice around here. People don’t even realize but Zionism is to blame for this mentality that we have developed. I love when people write ‘do your part and move to Israel’ WAKE UP ALL OF YOU! Do you all seriously think that if chas veshalom something should happen to you it would be safer in Israel. Do you all not read the news?! Don’t get me wrong EY has keddushah even in times of galus but if you are going to move there for safety then the Brisker Rav was right when he said ‘ZIONISM HAS WON’! We don’t even realize how much Zionism plays a role in our hashkafos-we think we are so far for their backwards hashkafos but hey I’m afraid not.

  15. Eretz Yisroel is the land Hashem loves more than any other and mitzvos can only have meaning there. Hashem has gifted it to us in our lifetime for a reason . Whether it’s part of galus is totally irrelevant. Any talk against it is evil lashon hara and rechilus. The meraglim were bigger scholars than you blog posters.Watch your words.
    Naaleh___ Come Home.

  16. A volunteer member of a security team who is running for county commissioner is being hailed for saving lives by quickly ending a shooting Sunday at a North Texas church.

    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton described parishioner Jack Wilson as a reserve deputy with extensive training who has taught shooting at his own range.

    Wilson was one of two congregants who confronted a gunman during an attack that killed two people at West Freeway Church in White Settlement, a town of about 17,000 people near Fort Worth. Paxton said Wilson was the one who brought down the suspect with a single shot.

  17. C Rab is hilarious. He’ll be the first escapee to our Holy Land when clouds darken.
    The same thing happened 75 years ago and he’s a carbon copy of that ilk. Talking the same, preaching the same, and then will run the same.

  18. This may blow some of your minds, but you can actually both buy and learn how to use a gun AND daven/ improve your midos at the same time. Crazy, right? It’s almost like the world has a mix of gashmius and ruchnius and you should work on both.

    • NYOB:

      Thank you for most sane comment on this post.

      אם ה’ לא ישמור עיר שוא שקד שומר. If Hashem will not protect the city, the efforts of the guard are in vain. This makes it clear that the ultimate protector is Hashem. It is also clear that it is not blasphemous, but plainly responsible to place a security guard there. We may differ on what our hishtadlus should be, but it is required. Whenever we ask for Syatta Dishmaya, or utter the phrase B’ezras Hashem, we are NOT stating that Hashem will perform miracles while we sit on our hands. It also doesn’t suggest that we only daven, and not take steps to keep ourselves safe.

      We have our basic responsibility to put our best safety measures in place. We can discuss whether that means getting weapons and training, hiring guards, putting more police officers around, or cameras and lights. My personal opinion is that those elected officials who seek photo-ops from tragedies that befall us, who proceed to placate and support every criminal and terrorist should be driven from office. They get our votes by bribing the populace with promises of free money and other handouts. This is corruption – first class. They get their power, and then set loose all the wildest criminals to fill up our cemeteries. We need to show up to vote in November and unseat every Democrat we can. The likes of Schumer, Gillibrand, AOC, and such ilk should be forced into retirement from politics. We need to show the world that campaign promises will not sway the vote to them. Public appearances, tweets, and camera ready visits will not buy them anything.

      May our Klal never know from more tragedy. May the politicians who follow the edict from Obama y”sh “A crisis is something that should never go to waste” be forever kept away from public office.

  19. We all chat and reply and knock each other, god is very proud. We need to wait until Friday night speech as to why this happened, don’t take that away from you local speaker. They for sure know why this happened. It’s just a shame that can’t predict that next possible attack that we can be prepared!!

  20. Every Shul should carry a weapon and smack the people who talk in Shul.
    Every Shul should carry a weapon and smack the people who talk in Shul
    Every Shul should carry a weapon and smack the people who talk in Shul

  21. In my opinion Every Shul should carry a weapon and smack the people who talk in Shul during Davening…
    One of the serious flaws in our society today is the lack of proper decorum in shul, especially on Shabbos and Yom Tov. While socializing in shul is not a new problem[1] and certainly most, if not all people who go to shul are aware of the prohibition against talking during davening, still a great deal of talking goes on anyway, either from force of habit or out of disregard for the halachah. Today, when the power of prayer is needed more than ever, we must find new ways to eradicate this scourge from our midst.

    Ideally, there should be no talking in shul from the beginning to the end of davening. This should be the long-term goal of every congregation. Below, we will review the halachic background for this.

    Talking in Shul: Halachic Issues

    1.Shulchan Aruch rules that idle talk is forbidden in shul even when prayers are not being recited[2]. Idle talk includes conversation about one’s livelihood or other essential needs[3]. Nowadays there is some room for leniency concerning such talk, since some Rishonim rule that shuls are generally built with a “precondition” allowing them to be used for essential matters other than davening[4].

    2.During a scheduled prayer session one may not separate himself from the congregation and engage in idle talk[5].

    3.Talking during prayers causes a chillul Hashem, since it unfortunately lends support to the widely held perception that non-Jews are more careful than Jews to maintain proper decorum in their houses of worship[6].

    4.When one is wearing his tefillin, he should refrain from idle talk[7].

    5.During certain portions of davening, talking is prohibited for additional reasons as well. Sometimes talking is considered a hefsek, an “interruption” which may invalidate the portion which is being interrupted, while at other times talking is prohibited because the congregation must give its undivided attention to that portion of the service. In the following paragraphs we will discuss the various sections of davening, the degree of the prohibition against talking in each section, and the reasons behind the prohibition. We will follow the order of tefillas Shacharis.

    Note: During certain sections of davening, as will be noted, there is no specific prohibition against talking. However, the aforementioned reasons for prohibiting talking in general apply to these sections as well.

    Between Birchos ha-Shachar and Baruch She’amar — There is no specific halachah which prohibits talking.

    During Kaddish — Talking is strictly forbidden, as one must pay full attention so that he can answer Amen, etc. properly[8].

    During Pesukei d’Zimrah — Unless there is an emergency, it is forbidden to talk during this time, as it would constitute an interruption between the blessing of Baruch she’amar and the blessing of Yishtabach[9].

    Between Yishtabach and Barechu — It is permitted to talk for a pressing mitzvah need only[10].

    Between Barechu and Yotzer Ohr or ha-Ma’ariv Aravim — It is strictly forbidden to talk[11].

    During Birchos Kerias Shema and Shema — It is strictly forbidden to talk, as it would be considered an interruption in the middle of a blessing, which may invalidate the blessing[12].

    Between Ga’al Yisrael and Shemoneh Esreh — It is strictly forbidden to talk, since it would interrupt the all-important connection between Geulah and Tefillah[13].

    During Shemoneh Esreh — It is strictly forbidden to talk, as it constitutes an interruption in davening[14]. If one spoke inadvertently during one of the blessings of Shemoneh Esreh, he must repeat the blessing[15].

    After Shemoneh Esreh — It is forbidden to talk if it will disturb the concentration of others who are still davening[16].

    During Chazaras ha-Shatz — It is strictly forbidden to talk[17], since one must pay full attention so that he can answer Amen properly. One who talks during chazaras ha-shatz is called “a sinner whose sin is too great to be forgiven[18].” The poskim report that several shuls were destroyed on account of this sin[19].

    During Kedushah — It is strictly forbidden to talk. Total concentration is mandatory[20].

    During Nesias Kapayim — It is forbidden to talk, as complete attention must be paid to the Kohanim[21].

    Between Chazaras ha-Shatz and Tachanun — It is inappropriate to talk, since l’chatchilah there should be no interruption between Shemoneh Esreh and Tachanun[22].

    Between Tachanun and Kerias ha-Torah — There is no specific prohibition against talking.

    During Kerias ha-Torah – It is strictly forbidden to engage in either idle talk or divrei Torah during Kerias ha-Torah[23]. One who speaks at that time is called “a sinner whose sin is too great to be forgiven[24].” Some poskim prohibit talking as soon as the Torah scroll is unrolled[25].

    Between Aliyos — There are several views: Some poskim prohibit talking totally[26], others permit discussing divrei Torah only[27], and others are even more lenient[28].

    During the Haftarah and Its Blessings — It is forbidden to talk, as one must give undivided attention to the Haftarah reading[29].

    Between Kerias ha-Torah and the end of davening — There is no specific prohibition against talking.

    During Hallel — It is forbidden to talk. Doing so constitutes an interruption of Hallel[30].

    Kabbalas Shabbos — There is no specific prohibition against talking.

    During Vayechulu and Magen Avos — It is forbidden to talk[31].

    Note: From a halachic point of view, it is important to distinguish between those portions of the davening in which talking is prohibited because of hefsek (e.g., Birchos Kerias Shema and Shema, Shemoneh Esreh, Kedushah, Hallel), where not even a single word is permitted to be uttered regardless of “need,” and those portions where the prohibition against talking is based on the requirement of paying attention to the davening or because of shul decorum (e.g. Kaddish, chazaras ha-shatz), where an exception can be made when a special need arises, allowing one to quietly utter a few words[32]. The following statement, authored by Harav Shimon Schwab[33], sums up the Torah viewpoint on this subject: “For Hashem’s sake — let us be quiet in the Beis ha-Knesses. Our reverent silence during the Tefillah will speak very loudly to Him Who holds our fate in His hands. Communicating with Hashem is our only recourse in this era of trial and tribulations. There is too much ugly noise in our world today. Let us find peace and tranquility while we stand before Hashem in prayer!”

    1. R’ Avraham ben Rambam reports that this problem was so widespread in Egypt during his father’s time that he decided to eliminate chazaras ha-shatz altogether; see Yechaveh Da’as 5:12.

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    29. O.C. 146:3, 284:3.

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    32. See Salmas Chayim 38 and written responsum by Harav C. Kanievsky (Ishei Yisrael #206), based on Mishnah Berurah 125:9.

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    • With all due respect to the issurim you detailed so well, our talking in shul issue needs to be viewed from another perspective as well. With our treating the shul environment with the idle talk, we are denigrating the tefiloh itself. Even without the intricacies of where this constitutes a hefsek, one renders tefiloh into “just another thing we do in shul”, hardly the direct spiritual connection that every Yiddishe neshomoh needs to build in to the day.

      We need to make tefiloh into something we cherish, anticipate, and utilize to its utmost. If we fail to emotionally involved in every single tefiloh, we have passed up precious opportunities. No goy can daven to HKB”H. The only avodah they can engage in is the bringing of a korban olah in the Beis Hamikdosh. We were specifically granted a replacement for korbanos – tefilos. Babbling the words hardly constitutes tefiloh. Do we even understand what we are reciting? Have we any appreciation for what the tefilos mean, where do they come from, what kavanos are appropriate? Do our yeshivos and schools make this a facet of their curriculum?

      Some feel that davening should be kept really short. How much can you be distracted when Mincha is done in less than 10 minutes? But are those 10 minutes spent davening or crashing through the several pages of the siddur to get the chore over with?

      So I focus just a bit differently from you. You want to stop the talking in shul. I want to start the davening in shul. I believe we say the same thing in two different ways. However, I suspect that my approach will win more souls.


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