Breaking News: At Least 40 Dead as Bus Overturns in Northern Israel


fireAt least forty prison wardens were killed in northern Israel today, when a bus which had left the Damon Prison overturned after getting trapped in a huge fire in the Carmel area.

According to Magen David Adom, rescue services workers were among dozens of others injured in the incident.

The fire, which broke out near the Druze village of Usfiya in the North this morning, was spreading and threatened villages in the area after already having burned some 6,000 dunams.

Emergency services were working at the scene of the blaze, and dozens of ambulances joined a staging area at the entrance of Kibbutz Beit Oren.

Dozens of fire crews were battling the flames with the help of water dropped from airplanes. Nearby Damon Prison was evacuated and prisoners were being transported to other facilities. Emergency services crews ordered the evacuation of Kibbutz Beit Oren, some 30 families from Usfiya, University of Haifa and other towns in the area for fear that the blaze could spread further.

The area in question contains heavy brush which burns easily, according to firefighters. This fact coupled with strong winds has prompted the evacuations and the presence of multiple fire crews brought in to help with the blaze from various districts in the country.

Area residents were instructed to remain indoors, to avoid being exposed to harmful fumes.

{JPost/ Israel}


  1. how does this coincide with the post regarding the taanis for rain from a few days ago where somebody argued that the lack of rain is not an issue of sakanah?


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