FIGHTING BACK: Rockland Shuls Sue Cuomo, Allege Violation of Religious Liberty

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Three shuls from Rockland County filed a lawsuit against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s restrictions on houses of worship due to a COVID-19 uptick, alleging an unconstitutional violation of religious liberties, Mr. Reuvain Borchardt of Hamodia reports.

The suit was filed by attorneys Ronald Coleman and Harmeet Dhillon, on behalf of Cong. Yeshuas Yaakov and Rabbi Moshe Rosner of Monsey; Cong. Oholei Shem D’Nitra and Rabbi Samuel Teitelbaum of Spring Valley; and Cong. Netzach Yisroel and Rabbi Chaim Leibish Rottenberg of Monsey.

The lawsuit argues that the restrictions on First Amendment religious freedoms do not meet the constitutional requirement that they are narrowly tailored and the least-restrictive possible to achieving the state interest of lowering COVID-19.



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