BREAKING: Secret Vote At UNESCO Delivers Chevron Into Palestinian Hands

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UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee voted in favor of registering the Old City of Chevron and the Meoras Hamachpela to the State of Palestine on Friday.

In a secret ballot, 12 countries voted in favor, three voted against and six abstained.

As a result of the vote, Chevron’s Old City will become the third site registered under “Palestine” since the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization recognized it as a member state in 2011.

Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman reacted to the vote by describing UNESCO as a “political, embarrassing and antisemitic organization”.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett also criticized the vote. “It is disappointing and disgraceful that time and again UNESCO denies history and distorts reality, knowingly serving those attempting to erase the Jewish state,” said Bennett. “Israel will not resume its cooperation with UNESCO so long as it remains a political tool, rather than professional organization.”

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon slammed the decision.

“This attempt to sever the ties between Israel and Hebron is shameful and offensive, and eliminates UNESCO’s last remaining shred of credibility. To disassociate Israel from the burial grounds of the patriarchs and matriarchs of our nation is an ugly display of discrimination, and an act of aggression against the Jewish people.”

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  1. And I demand Amman, Jordan to be part of and controlled by North Dakota.
    I guess Rex Tillerson has disappeared.

  2. In addition to being an obvious act of Jew-hatred, this is totally bizarre.

    Can other countries vote to give most of Arizona to the Navajo Nation, for example? They already have a big reservation there. Let it just be theirs independently. Who cares what the US government or Arizonian non-Navajos think?

    Or can other countries vote to incorporate New Mexico back into Mexico?

    Personally, I think that Jordan needs to give us back the territories of Reuven, Gad, and Menashe.
    And Syria needs to give us back Quentria, which is part of Naftali.
    And Lebanon needs to hand us back the territory of Asher.
    Just my opinion.

    • It’s just a message to us, that the decree of exile is still in force, because the nations of the world are no way in agreement that we are entitled to rule independently in Eretz Yisrael.
      If there were those (Jews) who thought that UN votes gave legitimacy to the state, then this should silence them. The “three oaths” of the Talmud are still in full force, as most of our great poskim agree.
      None of this is bizarre – it’s just goyim doing what they’ve always been doing.

  3. And the building of Jewish housing is the obstacle to peace! Not actions such as these!
    Can Nikki Haley submit a motion to dismantle the “Untied” Nations!

    • It will never happen because the thugs that own the UN building just love the guaranteed rent that comes in every month.

  4. World inaction society.

    The world is not meant to unite against the cause of light.

    Israel exists. There is a cause always the safe mind and hope well of the Jewish people. It is the holy land.


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