Bridge at Kever Rashbi for Kohanim Demolished

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kever-rashbi-bridgeA bridge claimed to be built illegally at the kever of Rav  Shimon Bar Yochai was demolished by the local municipality without incident on Thursday.

Some 100 policemen guarded the operation, fearingbut no demonstrators showed up and the demolition was completed in an hour.

The bridge was built to enable kohanim to access the popular site without passing a burial cave located on the regular path.

It was built without the necessary permits, even though the state encouraged its construction and even committed to paying half the NIS 500,000 cost.

The 300-meter long bridge was built from the rear of the kever along the side of the hill and the Meron Stream. The traditional route for the kohanim was ruled out two and a half years ago when it was realized that the old path passed by ancient kevorim.

The Merom Galil Local Planning and Building Committee ordered the bridge destroyed as it was built without proper approval.

The state’s participation in building the bridge received widespread coverage in chareidi newspapers. The reports emphasized the cooperation between the state and chassidus of Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok, which supported the building of the bridge. A petition to the Tzefas’ Magistrate’s Court by the chassidus and 12 kohanim against the demolition order was rejected in mid-December.

{Haaretz/ Newscenter}


  1. 500,000 NIS for a bridge. Medina paid half. This leaves 250,000 NIS paid for by Toldos Avraham Yitzchok supporters so that the Rebbe could go to Rashbi’s kever for Lag B’Omer.

  2. Israeli Red-taped bureaucracy, where one hand doesn’t know and doesn’t care what the other one is doing. It is said that it is easier to build a house in the USA than to cash a check in an Israeli bank.

  3. The state has no other issues other than destroying a bridge that they spent a quarter of a million shekalim to build and that didn’t pose any risks? What a skewed set of priorities!

    Or, they’re realizing their time has come, and do will do all they can to battle the forces of light/Torah-living. Sad

  4. “Claimed”
    Is this so hard to find out? Was it built legally or not? and if not–so what? Is it dangerous to use, not within code?


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