Brighton Boardwalk March Against Hate and Anti-Semitism

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 boardwalkBrooklyn, NY – In response to calls to his radio station yesterday about the latest anti-Semitic attack at The Holocaust Memorial Park, Gregory Davidzon, President of Davidzon Media, is organizing a march on the Boardwalk for the community express its anger.

“People asked me what we can do, how we can voice our outrage at the increasing number of hate attacks against Jews in Southern Brooklyn?  I strongly believe we are only going to stop the attacks if the entire community gets involved,” Davidzon said.

Ben Akselrod, candidate for New York State Assembly, said: “I strongly support the initiative. Holocaust survivors, their children and grandchildren as well as all others should demand that those responsible for attacks are punished to the fullest extent of the law. Law enforcement agencies should also provide necessary security measures. Hate attacks against Jews cannot be tolerated.”

Ari Kagan, candidate for District Leader added: “Our democratic society must prevail against anti-Semitism and hate. We must show our outrage.”

March Date: Sunday, August 12

Start of March: 3300 Coney Island Avenue (In front of the Shorefront Y)

March and Rally: 11:00 AM

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