Bris Milah in Danger as San Francisco Targets Male Circumcision


bris-milahJoshua Sabatini reports: The San Francisco Board of Supervisors just banned toys in Happy Meals, which drew worldwide attention. Now the latest ban being proposed in San Francisco is on male circumcision.

A proposed ballot measure for the November 2011 ballot – when voters will be electing the San Francisco’s next mayor – would amend The City’s police code “to make it a misdemeanor to circumcise, excise, cut or mutilate the foreskin…of another person who has not attained the age of 18.”

Doing so would result in a fine of up to $1,000 and up to one year in jail, according to the proposed measure submitted to the Department of Elections.

The measure was submitted by San Francisco resident Lloyd Schofield, who has spoken up on this issue in the past.

For the ordinance to make it on to the November ballot, it would require the collection of 7,168 valid signatures by April 26, 2011.

It’s unknown if Schofield approached members of the Board of Supervisors asking them to vote on such a measure before deciding to take it to the voters.

{San Francisco Examiner/}


  1. I wouldn’t exactly say milah is in any danger. This is one kook looking to stir the pot. Anyone can start a petition to put anything on a ballot. He probably won’t even get the signatures needed to get that far. No need to worry.

  2. Not knowing all the facts,I can’t comment on the entire story;but noting the protagonist’surname,it’s unfortunately “nothing new”

  3. All you need is one kook to stir the pot, and thousands of blind followers marching in lockstep behind him. Watch out California – shechita is probably next!

  4. Freightening and sad.
    In any event though, I find it intriguing that #1 uses “sanctity” in his/her posting name, which, of ccourse leads to the obvious question:”whose”?

  5. In San Francisco?!?!
    The one place where male circumcision should be considered routinely so as to help stem the transmission of HIV!
    These BOZOS have it backwards.

  6. When Rav Shimshon Raphael Hirsch, ZT’L, came to be a Rav in Frankfort on the Maine, the radical Reform were in virtual total control of the Jewish community there. One of the items that they had accomplished was that they had gotten the local German government to establish the legal law that BRIS MILA WAS FORBIDDEN, as it was classified as a “barbaric” rite!!


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