Brit Scientists ‘Near Breakthrough’ on COVID-19 Treatment

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British scientists at Oxford University working toward a COVID-19 vaccine are “near breakthrough” in an antibody treatment, and so confident, AstraZeneca is producing millions of doses, Sky News reported.

Also, a treatment specific for the elderly and vulnerable, using two antibodies to reduce the chance of the body rejecting both in its defense against COVID-19, is moving at “full speed,” per the report.

It would be vital for the elderly and vulnerable, because they develop the worst response to the coronavirus and “may not be able to develop a good response to the vaccine,” AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot told Sunday Telegraph, per the report. Read more at Newsmax.



  1. Great, but if you trace this back to the original article in The Telegraph, you see that they are hopeful of getting this into production next year.


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