Britain Foiled 22 Attacks Since March 2017, Says Official


British security services foiled 22 terrorist attacks since March 2017, three more than previously reported, Scotland Yard’s Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu told the conference on international terrorism at the IDC in Herzliya on Monday, reported Reuters.

The top counter-terrorism official noted that attacks were getting easier to implement.

“A recent study showed that in the time before most lone-actor attacks, someone close to them knew about their growing ideology and violent intent. Mostly, they chose not to report it,” said Basu, adding that the risk of attacks from far-right militants is becoming a global threat.

“Christchurch [New Zealand] is the most recent example,” said Basu. “Seven of the 22 attacks we have stopped since March 2017 relate to suspected RWT [right-wing terrorism].”





  1. They bring in all those Muslims, what did they expect? Victims and reporters of their terrorism are censored to protect Muslim barbarism.


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