Britain’s Chief Rabbi Receives His Knighthood

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Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, Chief Rabbi of Britain, was bestowed with the honor of Knighthood at a ceremony held at Windsor Castle today.

This prestigious title, Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, stands as one of the most esteemed recognitions in the United Kingdom.

In the New Year’s Honors list, Rabbi Mirvis was duly acknowledged by King Charles III for his outstanding contributions to the Jewish community, interfaith relations, and education.

When the news of his knighthood reached him in January, Rabbi Mirvis expressed his profound gratitude, stating, “I am enormously honored and deeply humbled by this award.”

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Rabbi Mirvis’s predecessor as Chief Rabbi, had been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2005.



  1. This is funny. I learned that our best interests are to separate from the goyim.

    The goyim know hard times and frequently blamed Jews. But now they feel they need our face and approval to see interfaith work.

    Hashem is leaving me enjoy a new life without bothering with interfaith. I left the reform and now I daven.

    Up for grabs how nice it is.

  2. Rabbi Mirvis was given a traditional one line sentence to say as he approached the King for knighthood. But when Rabbi Mirvis went before the King to say his sentence he became so nervous that he could not remember his line. Instead he blurted out the only sentence he could think of “Ma Nishtana Halaylo Hazeh Mikol Halaylos!” The King looked puzzled and surprised that the Rabbi didn’t utter the traditional line that the others preceding him had said and asked “Why is this Knight different from all other Knights?”

  3. Mazal tov to Rabbi Mirvis, who is a great representative of our faith. Jews make up only 0.5% of the UK’s population, yet are treated with great respect. That should make us happy. No doubt, Rabbi Sacks had a lot to do with that, but the truth is that every Chief Rabbi since Israel Brodie has been knighted. Rabbi Immanuel Jakobovits was the first to enter the House of Lords.


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