British Columnist Being Investigated by Police for Referring to Arab “Savages” Who Murdered Fogel Family


fogel1Fraser Nelson, editor of the Spectator, reported Friday that Bedfordshire Police are investigating the magazine because a group called “Muslims4UK” took exception to a piece by Melanie Phillips on her blog in which she referred to the Arabs who had murdered five members of a Jewish family in Itamar the week before as “savages.” The story was reported in the media, but if you’d blinked you’d have missed it. Melanie’s column was a typically robust effort to point out the moral depravity of news outlets which, if the situation had been reversed – if five Arabs including a three-month-old baby had been knifed to death in their beds by Jews, for example – would have given it saturation coverage.

A prominent British columnist does what prominent British columnists are supposed to do – she attempts to shift the terms of the debate back on to a more rational and principled footing – and the net result is that the police have been called in because she has offended Muslim sensitivities.

{Daily Newscenter}


  1. what a crazy world the animals that did this have no connection to human life call them what ever you want hashem should bring them to din fast

  2. Where is the Muslim outrage at the Muslim savagery?
    Where is America’s university campuses’ outrage at the Muslim savagery?
    Where is the polite world’s outrage at the Muslim savagery?
    Where is Israel’s enlightened, left wing, liberal outrage at the Muslim savagery?
    Where is J Street’s outrage at th eMuslim savagery?

  3. We are in Golus….that’s the answer to all the questions….it won’t work out for us until Hashem is ready…but we need to be mispallel and do teshuva and hope and pray that we are finally going to witness the days of glory…bekarov…soon …soon

  4. How uncultured we are to be critical of the British police here who are doing an exemplary job here of protecting society from bigotry in the press!

    The British police are doing the right thing to investigate her. She is obviously an out-and-out racist who dared to mention that the “intruders” were Arabs!

    She then compounded her disgusting bigotry by calling them savages. Why, any fair-minded, high-pedigree modern European understands that these intruders are far from savages. They are actually a gift to humanity.They are…. FREEDOM FIGHTERS!

    So please let’s not undermine the British police in their wonderful work of eradicating bigotry from contemporary society!

    When Moshiach will come, may it be bekoroiv, the Ribono Shel Oilam will take nekamah le-eineinu from the Umois Haolam for the spilled blood of his servants. Le-eineinu means that their “highly-cultured” feelings for the “freedom fighters” will be plainly laid bare for what it really is: Jewish-blood-thirstiness: Just plain old barbaric thirst for Yiddeshe blutt. And the nekamah will be far more intense than that of a human father for the blood of his children.

  5. She must be a racist because everyone knows only FREEDOM FIGHTERS brutally murder babies and toddlers. PRAISE ALLAH! Savages!

  6. Melanie Phillips is Jewish. She is a prolific, prize-winning British journalist and deserves all of our support for her eloquent editorials, in particular her analyses of the new anti-Semitism.


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