British Jews: Corbyn Stands With Anti-Semites


Leaders of British Jewry in an open letter to the country’s Labour Party said “again and again” party leader Jeremy Corbyn “has sided with anti-Semites rather than Jews.”

The letter sent on Monday to Member of Parliament John Cryer, chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party, said: “Today, leaders of British Jewry tell Jeremy Corbyn that enough is enough. We have had enough of hearing that Jeremy Corbyn ‘opposes antisemitism,’ whilst the mainstream majority of British Jews, and their concerns, are ignored by him and those he leads.”

“He is repeatedly found alongside people with blatantly anti-Semitic views, but claims never to hear or read them,” read the letter.

Corbyn has headed the Labour Party since 2015.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. It’s not out of the ordinary that there are anti semites.
    What is very strange is that the vast majority of British Jews will STILL continue to vote for them and labor in particular here.
    How sad.


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