British Jews Overwhelmingly Support Conservative Party In Upcoming Elections



British Jews overwhelmingly support the Conservative Party and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron in the upcoming national elections next month.

According to a poll conducted by the Jewish Chronicle, 69 percent of Jewish voters said they would support the Conservative Party, while only 22 percent said they would vote for the Labour Party. Only two percent of Jewish voters said they would vote for the Liberal Democrats or the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP).

In addition, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron enjoys substantial support from the British Jewish community, which favors him at 64 percent, compared to only 13 percent for his counterpart Labour Party leader Ed Miliband.

For many British Jews, the political parties’ attitudes towards Israel were also “very” or “quite” important influences on how they would vote, with 65 percent saying that Cameron had a good approach to Israel and only 10 percent favoring Miliband’s approach.

Despite being born to Jewish parents, Miliband has been heavily criticized by the British Jewish community for his Labour Party’s hard stances on Israel, including introducing non-binding legislation last year calling on the U.K. to recognize Palestinian statehood.

The general election in the U.K. will be held on May 7 with opinion polls suggesting a narrow lead for the Conservative Party over Labour. However, the far-right UKIP has seen its popularity surge, potentially drawing away voters from the Conservative Party.




  1. The jews in england were historically labour voters but have all but completely switched to the conservatives in the last few decades –
    quite suprising that in the US there was never such a shift to the right and still a huge big majority vote democrat

  2. The 80%+ Jews who voted for Obama are enablers of a Jew hater who is about to make a deal with Iran to destroy Israel. These 80%+ Jews will share the fate of the 80% Jews who ignored Moshe Rabbeinu’s call to leave Mitzraim.
    Torah’s message to the Jews in these times: ??? ????? ?? ????


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