British PM: We Will Clamp Down on Islamophobia

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Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to stamp out extreme speech in Britain after a fourth terror attack in just three months. On Monday, a white man drove into a crowd of Muslim worshippers returning home from celebrating Ramadan. One man was killed and eight more rushed to hospital for treatment.

The PM said the government would set up a commission for countering extremism—which would seek new ways to undermine and clamp down on extreme speech. “There has been far too much tolerance of extremism in this country,” she said. “That’s extremism of any kind—including Islamophobia.” Read more at THE INDEPENDENT.



  1. The Brits don’t get it! They’ve filled their borders with muslims and are now enjoying the fruits of that hospitality. The people want them out but the politicians are in denial.

  2. Stupid. Looking for the lost item under the lamppost.

    It’s not about extreme speech. It’s about extreme action. Until you aggressively target the terrorists, you will suffer more terrorism.

  3. She was waiting for the opportunity to say this. She is really stupid. Yes, this was horrible but why are people scared if Muslims.


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