Brooklyn College Accused of Anti-Semitism

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brooklyn-collegeThe NY Post reports: Something’s not kosher at Brooklyn College.

Faculty members are accusing the administration of discriminating against qualified Orthodox and female Jewish professors by rejecting their bids for appointments and promotions, The Post has learned.

The hiring holy war pits faculty in the college’s Business Department against college Provost William Tramantano, sources said.

“Jews are having a problem with this provost. He’s making it harder and harder to bring in Jews. He doesn’t want Jews,” said Hershy Friedman, deputy chairman of the Business Department.

Influential state Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn), a Brooklyn College graduate, yesterday called for Tramantano’s ouster after hearing of the accusations.

Hikind, in a letter to CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein, claims there’s a “pervasive pattern of anti-Semitism at the highest levels of Brooklyn College.”

“Based on what we know, this guy does not belong at Brooklyn College. This is crazy,” he said.

Critics cited cases in which they claim Jewish professors were passed over despite being recommended by faculty screening panels:

* Nava Silton was rated “head and shoulders” above other finalists by the Business Department’s appointments panel to teach marketing. But the provost rejected her bid because she was too religious, sources claimed.

* Dov Fisher was rated the best of three finalists for a business-teaching position. The administration blocked his hire.

* Frimette Kass-Shraibman applied for promotion to a full professorship, but was denied.

* The Business Department selected Miriam Gerstein as most qualified for a professorship, but the administration rejected her appointment.

She was later hired on appeal, but only after she threatened litigation and members of the selection committee filed a formal complaint alleging a “hostile work environment” for Jewish women.

Faculty members also accused of Tramantano of being insensitive.

“You already have a Miriam,” Business Department Chairman Robert Bell quoted the provost saying when pressed about Gerstein’s appointment.

Kass-Shraibman said she’s awaiting the reason for why she was denied a promotion. She also sat on the selection committee that recommended Fisher’s appointment.

“We believe there is a pattern of anti-Semitism, If it’s not anti-Semitism, what is it?” she asked.

Tramantano declined to comment.

Brooklyn College defended its hiring practices.

“Decisions about hiring, promotion, and tenure at Brooklyn College are made with utmost care,” a college spokesman said.

A CUNY official noted some of the top faculty positions at Brooklyn College are held by Orthodox Jews.

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  1. All NYC Agencies, especially Mayoral

    Agencies, also have this policy and

    the NY Post should investigate them all.

    Orthodox Jews are discriminated against in

    many ways and EEO does not recognize it as


    One feels the hatred in the air.


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