Brooklyn Declared ‘Toeivah Capital’ By Boro President

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marty-markowitzThe New York Post reports that he’s running out of superlatives, but Borough President Marty Markowitz managed to come up with one more Tuesday: Brooklyn is the “[toeivah] capital” of the Northeast.

You read correctly.

It’s enough to make your stomach turn.

The borough’s bubbly chief cheerleader gave the unusual shout-out during a radio interview on WNYC.

“We remain the [toeivah] capital of New York City and the Northeast,” Markowitz proclaimed, according to the Post. “In other words, we have a much larger [toeivah] population in Brooklyn. New York City is fortunate to have a large [toeivah] community, but in Brooklyn in particular, the [toeivah] community, there’s no question it’s the capital of the Northeast. They’ve made unbelievable contributions to the quality of life in our city and our borough.”

He also mentioned the Chinese population, Manhattan “refugees,” and business opportunities in the borough.

Markowitz, like Mayor Bloomberg, is leaving his post on Jan. 1 after 12 years in office.

{Gavriel Newscenter}


  1. I demand that this piece of garbage, give back all of his salary, retroactively, since he was elected! “Borough President” is a do nothing, waste of tax money “job”! Even my cat accomplishes more for this City. When will the legal residents of this City, stand up & discontinue the “Borough President” & “Public Advocate” positions? They are a total waste of Tax money!

  2. I’m hoping that when Marty Markwoitz said that Brookly6n was the ‘toeivah’ capital of the United States, he meat that Brooklyn was the absolute ‘happiest’ capital of the United States.

  3. !???? ??????

    This story is no great surprise to those who have been following Markowitz for years.

    Years ago, before toeivah ‘marriage’ was legal in New York, he already flew the toeivah flag over Brooklyn Borough Hall.

    And yet there are ‘frum’ people who have been chanfing and praising him for years, ignoring his evil activities. They have done things like honoring him and inviting him to Jewish events. And recently proposing him to be an ambassador for NYC after his retirement as well (B”H it looks like it is not happening). Vey iz mir!

    He thinks he is cute with his clowning around and wisecracks. However, leitzonus and toeivah are not what a city or borough needs.

    Someone like that needs to be rebuked and very clearly told that his actions are improper.

    Boruch Hashem we are getting rid of him now.

  4. Do not elect Jews to political position (unless you know %100 they’re positions & views) these Secular Jews have no god.

    Better a non Jew that has moral values.

  5. When you say [toeivah] what word are you substituting? I assume you must mean [those who refuse to vaccinate their children, posing an unnecessary strain on public health – not to mention the kids in question]. That truly is abominable.

  6. What has this dufuss done in his life other than make immature road signs like “fogettaboutit”, when leaving Brooklyn??? Who cares what this fool has to say?

  7. I assume that when you say Toeivah instead of using the word he did, you mean the term that the Torah uses for fraudulent business practices like falsifying weights and measures

  8. To Comment #6 From MPH:


    And you very well know how especially now in this time it is an extremely terrible serious speading problem!!

    So it is quite vicious of you to change the subject and throw the word “Toeivah” on good kind caring people! That they are opposed to vaccinations, IS NOT because they are anti-social inverts who saw some silly written blog on the Internet! On the contrary, they are opposed to vaccinations BECAUSE they are sincerely totally responsible people!

    Boruch Hashem, they happen to know a good bit more about the truth of vaccinations — about how severely, severely dangerous many of them are. They well know about the countless cases where, what were perfectly healthy infants, the second the received the (inoculation) injection, they went into unstoppable violent screaming and severely horrific convulsions. Those who did not die were left as life long vegetative invalids.

  9. To Comment #9 From Baby:

    You very well know which “Toeivah” this article is referring to! And you very well know how especially now in this time it is an especially extremely terrible serious wide speading problem!

    At the same time though, as you pointed out, the problem of stealing — which obviously includes false weights and measures and other fraudulent business tricks — is certainly also something that is extremely terrible.


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